Monday, March 7, 2011

Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I

Sindibad, the monarch of all he surveys, now lives a very pampered life
 but was born in the vegetable market in Djemma El Fna.

This elegant young lady is our Mimi reincarnated -- the same multicolored fur and up-slanted eyes.

Taking a nap in Gueliz in a planter with bamboo.

Taking a nap in the old part of town in a nice cardboard box.

Waiting for her babies to arrive in a nice sunny spot in Essouira.....

This mother-to-be was photographed in exactly the same meat market where Sindibad
 (in the top picure) was born. May her kittens be just as handsome.


Anonymous said...

Im a dog person. I dont like cats too much. But these ones may make me start to like them. Nice photos

Star said...

I love cats and I do so hope that these cats and their kittens find suitable homes. You don't own them all, presumably?
Lovely pictures, pretty cats. I have a calico, a bit like the one in your picture except there is much more black on mine.

Marja said...

The last one just poses like a model. Gorgeous cats

Greyscale Territory said...

A wonderful variety of feline personalities! And love the colours and patterns in their fur!

suenosdeuomi said...

So sweet all these fluffy, furry friends, cute in all their variety.