Saturday, March 16, 2013

Magic Windows, Marrakesh and Elsewhere

All photos taken Feb and March 2013

Windows, like doors, always hold a hint of mystery...

a moment of transition between inner and outer.
This window is in the Artisans' Ensemble in Marrakesh

as is this one. How Moroccans love colored glass as I did when we lived there.

Decorated window and door frames abound.

Here at Sherazade, the little old hotel we love in the medina right near Djemma ElFna, the windows have safety grilles. How many patterns can you see?

More windows at Sherazade --here facing the courtyard.

As above.

A nice austere window at the Bahia Palace.

Last two windows in hotels in Tiznet

and Essouira.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sidi Ifni part 1 0f 3

The history of  the Moroccan seacoast is complicated --variously French, Spanish, Portuguese. You can read about it here.

Anyway, in late February we drove south to Sidi Ifni, where the Spanish were in charge until 1969. It has something of the air of a town-time-forgot --but the town hall is freshly painted.

This looks a little like a fort in the Spanish Sahara.

The cinema is being renovated --albeit astoundingly slowly.

The town square, high above the Atlantic, has charming plantings and a small encampments of protesters. We make a point of not getting involved in politics when abroad.

February flowers!

The Spanish consulate. A splendid building which could/should/maybe never will be restored!

A wall with shadows.

A mosque.

Looking down at the sea from the Belle Vue Hotel --a super precipitous view -- a rather tatty hotel

Exterior of the Belle Vue.

Robert outside the long defunct Twist Club

View over the rooftops from Xanadu where we stayed. A most wonderful, beautifully decorated French run riad.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blue in Essouira/Feb

Unlike Marrakesh the pink city, Essouira is mostly blue and white.

Here an old house awaiting renovation

and an internal door at the hotel  Riad al Madina.

Doors and shutters heading to new homes.

Stairs to somewhere.....

Even blue phone booths....

but the door to the mosque is brown.

Currently I'm posting more Morocco photos here