Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Little House Itself

When we lived in the little house in Derb Djedid it had bags of charm -- but probably all sorts of structural defects and quirks.
There was the time when we had to jump over a giant hole in the stairs and had to have an entire beam replaced.
There was the time the courtyard filled up to our knees with flash flood water.
So, it was exciting when we heard that the new owners were completely remodeling the place.

So, this is where the salon was -- an uber-swanky kitchen. Gosh.

I don't think I ever took a photo of our old kitchen.....

Look at the wonderful storage carved into the very thick walls.

This is the front hall. The floor was raised 18 inches and the scruffy little WC is now a utility room.

The bathroom window

The stairs are in a quite different place. Above where the old kitchen was.

Looking down into the courtyard......

Looking up from it.......

I was happy to see jasmine on the roof. So, the little house has an entirely new life which is thrilling.
We were welcomed back for a state visit. I was surprised that I wasn't a bit sad --just pleased to see how well the work was done. Grant Rawlings of Chic-Marrakech designed the new house and oversaw the whole project.


Star said...

It looks wonderful, a masterpiece of design.
Hope it doesn't flood again!

Tea or Chai said...

Very exotic and definitely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Deniz said...

What an amazing difference! It must have taken them a loooong time to change things around like that -

Marja said...

oh so beautiful elisabeth It looks like a place out of a thousand and one night

suenosdeuomi said...

I love peeking in to lives and homes of others, thanks, Marrakesh does not only sound, but looks magical.

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