Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kindergarten Students


WILLOW said...

OOB18ZHello Elizabeth and Robert!

Those students look so peaceful and sweet. Ala, they do grow up!
I spoke with my son this morning and he is Robot Teacher! He is dressing up for Halloweenn as a Robot! Some things never change.
Sam is heading to the thrift store. I cannot imagine what she'll come up with!.
I have a rug hanging in front of the house that says "Broom Parking." We have lots and lots of interesting brooms to put there on the day! It is crispy cold here.
Hope all is well with you.
See if you can find my Blog.
LOTs of xxxooo

Elizabeth said...

Will look for it!
We have just got back from a trip to Florence where we ate and ate.
It was wonderful
lots of love
e and r

Travel A Coral Island said...

The lake is cook

The children are colorful

The blog is beautiful

The children are playful