Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pavillion/Jardin Majorelle

Such amazing shadows cast by the bamboo on this little pavilion in the Jardin Majorelle.


Susan said...

Bamboo is so useful and so beautiful to boot!

Gabriele Agustini said...

It looks like a fabulous abstract painting!

The Book of Right-On said...

Gorgeous! im just back from Morroco and put photos from the Jardin Majorelle on my blog, check them out if you get a moment :)

Margaux from BORO

Ines said...

Hi, dear Elizabeth-

I love green.

The shadow looks like a painting and the oriental pavillion in combination with the bambus is really beautiful.

I like the strong colors of Marocco.

Thank you for showing.

Enjoy your day-

Hugs, Ines

CubicleGnome said...

The interplay of colours and light is absolutely gorgeous! What type of camera are you using?

Verus said...

Very beautiful picture! I have been recently in Marrakech and I think that this garden only itself worth the 3,5 hours of flight!
I also tried to take pictures, but it is not easy to catch the beautiful lights as you do!
Your pictures really inspires to travel in Morroco!


blacktshirt said...

i've always wanted to visit i feel i've already been :)

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Marja said...

Just like a fairytale beautiful

Suzanne said...

Stunning colors, beautiful shot.

CM said...

Vivid color combination - the bamboos and the beautiful facade are in absolute sync. Nice photography.

Simple said...

It is one of my favourite remeniscences of Marrakesh! When you enter this territory you immidiately forgot you are inAfrica. It is saturated with wtaer hues, while buidlings outside are made of pinkish clay.

luluvillage said...


Bamboric said...

Lovely photos!!

ROFO said...