Sunday, January 16, 2011

Children in derb Djedid

IMG_0265.JPG, originally uploaded by schmidwix2.

Looking forward to seeing those smiles again....


somepinkflowers said...

i am beside myself
with excitement



{{ Thank you, missy! }}

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...glad I found your blog--it's a pleasure to see places I've been. The colors of the walls of Marrakesh--oh, and the perfume of the arid air--but I think the night time sounds--those drums...

rosaria said...

Lovely smiles!

Marja said...

Happy New year Elisabeth
Gorgeous I love kids, especially ones with cheeky eyes.
Recently we had a beautiful movie on TV about an english hippy living with her two daughters in marrakesh.

Elizabeth said...

In reply to Marja:

I think the movie you saw was called "Hideous Kinky"
I loved the movie because it was all shot in places I know well --the Barrage, Djemma elfana etc etc
but I worried all the time that the children would get hurt
and was glad they survived.
It was written as a memoir by the elder girl.

I do hope you and your family are well in New Zealand.
We go back to Marrakesh for two weeks in February.

Star said...

I first found your Blog when I was looking for information about Marrakesh for a story I was writing. I wanted to 'feel' marrakesh and that is exactly what I found in your pictures and writings.

The Red Quarter. Bilingual blog for the times we live in. said...

Hi there, I love you blog. The photographs are amazing and makes me feel like I've been. Regards, Richie