Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Beach at Essouira

Late afternoon light.

Looking back towards town

The remains of a strange fish.

On the sands


The water was surprisingly warm.....


G.G. Mueller said...

So beautiful! The charm of the area comes through your pictures and grabs me. Thank you.

Life of California said...

Fantastic pictures of water and beach.

The Book Gatherer said...

Lovely pictures - and they're bringing back lovely memories of my time there a few years ago. Thanks once again for taking me back to Morocco!

Vilijonkka said...

I´ve been your silent reader for some time. Visited once Marrakesh years ago. All these beautiful pictures reminds me of all the wonders I got to experience there. Thank your for your blog!

Greetings from a Finn in Beijing!

somepinkflowers said...


the colors captured here
are soothing
and make me want to plunge
into the sea myself...

{{except for that strange fish! }}

Barbara said...

I had never thought of there being a beach like that.