Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back in Town --Briefly

Some things change --but much stays the same....

but the cats are certainly in the leather goods shop

and the spice market

where the lizard and the tortoises live too.

A big and wonderful change  --no bikes and mopeds in most of the souks!

There are notices to prove it.

But you still have to cart things around one way or another --by cart

by bike and so on.

The oranges are extra wonderful this year.

And last a cat in the slippers.

It's good to be back in Marrakesh after an absence.


Willow said...

And it's good to see the Marrakesh cats again.

A Cat From London said...

Marrakesh is one of the citiest most I want to visit, see the colors, smell the spices. After seeing the cats of Marrakesh, now I love more this city.
In the cities without cats in the streets, always something is missing. Bests from London, a city where we miss a lot our Istanbul cats.

Wishing on a star said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing!