Thursday, January 24, 2008


All the walls in Marrakech, 'the pink city', are painted some sort of red or pink or coral. Very occasionally there is some sort of yellow.
However, with time. some of the paint starts peeling and the next lot doesn't match exactly - which has a sort of charm.

This is derb Jedid (New Lane) quite near our house and you can see how very narrow it is. The young man is carrying a tray of bread dough to the neighborhood bakery. Often children are assigned this task and once - awful disaster - the little boy dropped his dough on the ground.

This is the other end of derb Jedid where a man catches a little bit of sun quite near where the cigarette seller sits.
The lanes are so narrow you can't get a car down them - so it's handcarts, donkey carts, bicycles, people on foot - and, of course, the dreaded mopeds.

A tea cart near dar Cherifa.


Gretel said...

Oh what scrummy, delicous colours!

Elizabeth said...

Yes! Aren't they.
One can get quite giddy with them.
Very unlike sedate, gray London.
Sometimes the colors are almost overwhelming....

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lovely colours. I hope to come some day to walk these streets with you.

smilnsigh said...

'The pink city'! How lovely. And yes, the non-matching paints are charming.


paris parfait said...

I love the look of faded grandeur, which you've captured so well with your images.