Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moroccan Tales/ Must Reads

Tomorrow Robert's art show opens in Chelsea, New York, which made me think back to his studio on Derb Djedid where these red people were painted -- all of them walking across Djemma Elfna.

The little house was a place where I did lots of writing --and reading too, so I'm really looking forward to reading The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco,  a collection of traditional tales collected by Richard Hamilton which has just been published in England and will appear in the US in July. Update: A really terrific book. Reads just like Grimm's Fairy Tales. Wonderful stuff!

Must reads about Marrakesh include Peter Mayne's 1956 A Year in Marrakesh (Eland Press) and Leonora Peet's almost-impossible-to-track -down Women of Marrakesh which contains one of the most chilling stories I've ever read called "Couscous of the Dead".

Anyone setting out on the great adventure of owning a house in Morocco should read Tahir Shah's The Caliph's House --or read it anyway; it's stunningly good.
And if you haven't yet read The Arabian Nights, well, a treat in store.


The Book Gatherer said...

Oh thanks for letting us know about The Last Storytellers - it sounds fabulous! I absolutely LOVED The Caliph's House and Peter Mayne's book is currently sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. When we were in Morocco, I really enjoyed reading "Voices of Marrakesh" by Elias Canetti

Jo said...

Elizabeth, what a wonderful post. Terrific photos, too.

Pan's daughter said...

I recently got Women of Marrakech and haven't been able to put it down. What fascinating stories! I agree about "Couscous of the Dead". Thanks so much for the recommendation. I really enjoy your blog.

M said...

Based on your recommendation, I read The caliph's House by Tahir Shah...and abosolutely absolutely loved it... the book took me to another world...I just wish I can visit the place sometime!!!

btw, your photographs are simply awesome!!!