Thursday, June 23, 2011


When we next go to Morocco - probably next spring

we'll certainly goto Essouira --we've been there every year for the past thirteen year and it's always a wonderful blue oasis after the warmth of  Marrakesh.

The air is so clear and bright and the shadows so crisp.
Here in the Hotel Riad al Madina where we often stay

This is the corner of a friend's house in the old part of Marrakesh -such a typical chair!

And here the Jardin  Majorelle with their reflecting palms and little hidden frogs...

 and a bench to sit on in the dappled shade.  I'm counting the days.


Star said...

Like you say, the colours are vivid and bright in the sunlight. I go to Tennessee a lot and it is on the same latitude as north Africa so I know just what you mean about the light qualities.
I wonder what brought you to Marakesh in the first place?

Elizabeth said...

Star: We lived for some years in Italy and loved it there.
For some reason Marrakesh reminded us of life in Florence in the 70's.
Morocco a wonderful meeting place between Africa+Europe - and so very beautiful.

MandG said...

Essouira is my favorite "city" in all of Morocco.

Marja said...

How wonderful to look forward to go to this nice place. I am going to plan a trip to Holland Yippee

somepinkflowers said...

oh elizabeth

having Been There
i see your desire to return!


if you rent a big old house
and need extra room~mates
to help $$$
do Not hesitate to call me...

{{ your first photo--->
taken from a park bench
in the little square
by the farmers market ???
yes ??? }}

i did
a ''moroccan rug adventure''
posting this week...

come window shop.

Azra said...

A feast for the eyes. Beautiful photos as always :)

Umihoney said...

simply beautiful.I wish one day I too can visit Marakesh
Thank you for sharing

Kristin H said...

Ah! The beauty of Marrakesh!

JoeinVegas said...

You make it look interesting enough that even I want to go

Illusionfree said...

The pictures are so beautiful..the colors, so vivid!

Jenny Woolf said...

I love those hidden gardens in Arab countries.

Gemma Wiseman said...

The light creates amazing dynamic beauty on everything it touches! A world of bright art! Gorgeous photos!