Friday, July 25, 2008

The Beach at Night

These are really poor quality pictures but rather fun nonetheless.
They were taken from the Sea Chalet fish restaurant right overlooking the beach at Essouira.
In the distance are the lights of the harbor itself
Something magical about the water at night.........when the sand itself is deserted.

.......with the lights from the dock reflected in the water.
Lights too from fishing boats in the water.

The wind drops at night giving a wonderful calm leaving rippled water, rippled sand and a lovely tranquil feeling.


sarita said...

hi - i've look through two of your blogs and love the pictures - it seems like there is so much color in Morocco! beautiful - and i love that your have friends over for tea and stamping!!
thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

Sandra Ree said...

Perfect description of the beach at night, Elizabeth! And any pic of the beach is beautiful!

Kristen said...

still love the pics of Essaouira!

Paz said...

This does look magical.


julia said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I've so enjoyed your blogs, first the house in Marrakesh, because I'm a restless suburbanite, and now from New York.
Thank you for taking the time to take your readers on armchair travels.

Annie said...

I am with sandra ree, the beach is always welcome!

Deden Sulaiman said...

what a nice experiment eating in that restaurant with great view company with great people. What a wonderful life.