Friday, December 28, 2007


Breakfast, originally uploaded by schmidwix2.

These characters did not want their photos taken at all. They were far too busy eating. The little dog at the back reminded me a lot of the late great Skippy.
Of course they shouldn't have been given cooked chicken - bones might splinter - but I suppose they were grateful they were given anything.
Most animals look pretty prosperous here - I suppose the weaker ones simply don't make it.


Merisi said...

Now that is a nice breakfast scene! :-)

Re Zweig and Sebald:
Oh yes, Zweigs European memoir is among my favorite books, and I have read most of Sebald's work, some books in two languages and some more than twice, Austerlitz among them. Have you read Tabucchi?

Elizabeth said...

I will try to research Tabucchi who I have not heard of before.
I really like central European writers - and the Russians of course but I only read in English.
Best wishes