Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hangin out on the Roof

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Ollie is fine and gulping down his expensive Whiskas with his fat mother but he gave us a pretty good scare on Monday morning.
He usually spends the night on the roof with the bad boys and comes down to sleep all day on our bed.
In the morning he shouts at us from the parapet on the terrace so I have to get up and feed him. This is pretty effective since he has a very insistent voice - inherited from his mother.
So Monday am. as I am about to get up out of my nice warm bed, there is the most tremendous, frightening THUD.
And we realise Ollie has fallen off the roof into the courtyard.
We reckon this is about 30ft.
Horrified, I rush downstairs to look for his remains. Can't find him since he has hidden under the bed in my study.......where fifteen minutes later he eats a little breakfast. He has a small bloody scrape on his chin where he banged it. No other signs of anything.
Rests all that day and the next in front of the sitting room fire.
Yesterday he wanted to go on the roof again............
When Ghislan came on Monday afternoon I asked her if this happens often?
And in her pragmatic way she merely said, "C'est normale"
Ismail 2 came by to see Ollie yesterday and said it was "Pas normale".
Who knows.........


Merisi said...

Oh wowa! Lucky him. :-)

tlc illustration said...

Poor Kitty! I'm glad he's OK. Ours comes home every once in awhile with some injury or another - bites from other cats, stings from wasps, scrapes and bruising. She's very grumpy and sleeps a lot for a few days, but always seems to come out of it OK.