Friday, December 28, 2007

Street Signs

Below you will see the sign for a shop which sells all sorts of poisons for killing almost anything but rats are pretty rare here, since there are so many cats.

DSCN0929, originally uploaded by schmidwix2.

I am a complete sucker for camels of all descriptions - especially images of them. Note the spelling of Baghdad.


Merisi said...

Seeing a name spelled differently always makes me wonder if this is the particular spelling in a certain language or an error. ;-)
Camels, would you believe if if I told that I have camel images on my blog too? You'll need a little patience scrolling unfortunately.

Elizabeth said...

I think spelling transliterated from Arabic is pretty random.
For example the medina - old part of a city - can also be written madina.
Marrakech or Marrakesh - take your pick.
We live on Derb Djedid - new lane - though it is 500 years old
Djedid= new can be spelled
I think the vowels are extras. Very confusing.
also somethings lakadim (the old)

tlc illustration said...

Great signs. That is actually a very beautiful painting of a rat. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the rat was wonderful. That's what I noticed first.
Couldn't imagine what it was for!
Real Pied Piper stuff!