Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fountain in the Courtyard

It is quite difficult trying to replicate an English or American Christmas in Morocco - though with the French influence there is a certain air of Noel.
I only saw a whole turkey for sale yesterday (29th) so we had to make do with a vast turkey breast and all sorts of trimmings brought from England.
Paxo stuffing, Bisto, sausages which were frozen overnight and smuggled through - terror attack by British bangers......!
I used a piece of shiny fabric as a table cloth and we played American Kennel Club UNO after eating.
Then there was a great deal too much chocolate and some red roses.
A last photo of the fountain with its Christmas balls.I'm about to clean everything up fpr the new year. There is something refreshing about emptiness.


PG said...

Oh well done on the Paxo and Bisto! I am with you on getting the home clear for New Year, I'm doing that today - it feels like a proper start - although I know the tradition is to take everything down on 12th night (by which time one is thorougly fed up with them!)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, everything does seem a bit sad by 12th night. Some people in England used to keep things up much longer and we were always told that the 'bad fairies' would come.
In America they don't even have Boxing Day and everything goes on sale immediately.

weirdbunny said...

I'm impressed, you've made a marrocan fountain look just like a fire place !