Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ceiling Medallions

These rather odd looking things are ceiling medallions which are afixed round where the flex for the light bulb hangs out.
It was odd to see them out of context outside a shop.
We have the one second from the left directly above our bed.
It is a pity the photo isn't larger, because, if it was, you could see the funny little face with bug eyes and bat ears which looks down at us.
It's a bit like looking at clouds...........


My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Elizabeth,

by all means, i would love to meet you on my next trip to Marrakech!

these are beautiful clouds like you say...and your new banner is GREAT (i'm a cat lover)

actually i meant to send you an email about the riad this week for some friends and may be me and my boyfriend in september but we're not sure yet because of work schedule.
Enjoy the day !

M.KATE said...

Hi Elizabeth, this is awesome, wished we have this here, tks for sharing, the artwork is so beautiful :)

MadameMonet said...

I love your new banner, too!

These ceiling medallions are beautiful. When I first moved to Marrakesh, I thought all these kinds of things were made by hand. Then we went to install similar-looking ceiling moldings in a few rooms of our home. Imagine my surprise when I found that there are all different styles of molds, and that the plaster is just poured into them. Then you pay for them by the meter.

Madame Monet
Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

this is my patch said...

These are beautiful, and must give your room so much character. Isn't it funny what our eye and imagination can see in things? x

Frank Gardner said...

I like the new banner too. I need to take the time and add something besides text to mine.
These ceiling medallions are so cool and ornate.

Stephanie said...

The intricicies of the design are stunning! Are they plaster?

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the medallions are plaster and very inexpensive about $10 US each - they are poured into molds.
Pretty though.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

It is the details like ceiling medallions that make a room fabulous.

Paz said...

Beautiful medallions!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Truly a Master Piece!
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