Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Details

These first two photos are from Maison Tiskiwin, Bert Flint's House off rue riad zitoun laKadim.
He has an astounding collection of textiles and artifacts from all areas of the Sahara collected over many years and well documented.

Our friend R., who has lived in Nigeria, was lucky enough to have a long talk with him about the Touaregs and other tribes of the Sahara -people whose lives are changing fast.
The house - two courtyard houses really - is quite amazing and makes on want to move in immediately.
Here are the most luxuriant elephant ears I have ever seen.

Not quite sure how this 'chariot' (handcart) got in with the details of palaces and grand houses.
However, a very commonplace sight here.

This last picture has escaped from my ones of the Bahia Palace - that mecca for all who love painted doors and ceilings - and shabby chic.


Willow said...

I love the details, especially the blue mosaics.

M.KATE said...

i like the detailing, very interesting and some islamic art similar to here too :)

shelley said...

Thank you for these beautiful pics! I also love mosaic… and thank you for visiting my blog. I follow "My Marrakech" Maryam's blog posts every day. I would love to visit Morocco one day.

High Desert Diva said...

"It's all in the details"....could not be more apt.

Paz said...

Love the details. So worth noticing.


sukipoet said...

Gorgeous colors and patterns.

You are invited to enter a contest on my blog to win a box of maple sugar candy. See blog post for details. Winner chosen friday morning US time.

Tracy said...

Such a treat to catch up on your lovely posts now we're back from holiday. Beautiful posts, all of them...and I love your new banner! Happy week to you & yours ((HUGS))

Karen Cole said...

All of your Moroccan details are just stunning.....I'm catching up here.

I was in Mexico this past week...yes, traveling again. Similar colors.

Love Roberts studio.

Hope all is well, Elizabeth

Paul Pincus said...

What a beautiful web blog!


rochambeau said...

The painting around the window in the last photo inspires me!! Hope you are having a fun day Elizabeth!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Love the shots of the studio and the donkey and the colourful pics today -
you're right about the size of the elephant ears!

muriel said...

What a beautiful blog!! I love it.