Saturday, March 8, 2008

Complicated Patterns

This is a light in my study.
The metal light cover hides the awful naked bulb and throws patterns onto the wall.
The best light like this was a lantern in a castle south of Ouazzazatte -it had a candle inside rather than a light bulb.

This woven bamboo acts as a partial sunshade on the roof of Sherazade a small hotel on rue riad Zitoune.
The little tower you see (lower right) is the mosque next door.

As you walk down from the roof terrace there you see the wicker fence
and the reflection of the wrought iron railings.

These are old doors for sale near the Musee de Marrakech.
You have to fix them on the outside of the door entry.
Some of these doors come from south of the Sahara.

Back to my study with all its crazy patterns.
The curved bit is the shower floor with bejhmat tiles and the black and white swirly tiles are new, made by enterprising American friends here who have started their own tile company.

This is a plaster decoration over the sink - and another metal light cover which doesn't match the one at the other end of the room.
The metal light covers cost about $4 US each............
When we first bought them, with their artistically rusty-on-purpose patina, Sayeed, who was painting the house, urged us to let him paint them too.
He said the rust would be bad for our health.


Barbara said...

I would be honoured to be linked to your blog. Have just caught up with your recent posts. The desert one is interesting. I'm sure you have many more interesting doors in Marakesh than just about anywhere. Don't know if I have photos of doors, I will have to take a look.
Interesting that your Mother came from Southend. If you look under Leigh-on-Sea you will see lots of photos of the area.
I'm wondering how you come to be living in Marakesh. Thanks for visiting anyhow.I will put you on my sidebar if that is OK. I have not been ab le to get Page Elements for weeks but I have just found out that I can edit on sidebar when there are 'spanner' icons on the blog. I have a number to add.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The lacy-ness of Marrakesh is wonderful. I always think of Irish lace, or French lace, yet Marrakesh has lace created by light everywhere. What great inspiration.

I'm considering my door pictures for next Wed. post.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Intriguing patterns and decorations.
It's nice to be able to look into another way of life!

downunderdale said...

I love those old doors. I am not finding any exciting ones here for Wed! Dale

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

what a beautiful studio you have and all these wonderful doors in a place like Marrakesh.
You have an eye for composition. I really like the photos.

CaBaCuRl said...

All those lovely patterns thrown by light are inspiring for the doodling I am doing right now...nothing too taxing ,mind! I expect your sunlight in Morocco is very harsh , as is ours.

Irina said...

I like your set of patterns, some of them are really fascinating!

And thanks for visiting my blog! And, of course, you may add it to your roll.

Jack Riddle said...

Elizabeth--you have a wonderful curiousity that make this blog one of the more intresting on the planet. Your posts start my idea engine running and I love the idea of a bunch of bloggers dealing with the same subject at the same time. Thank you!

Willow said...

I feasted this morning on your designs and patterns of dark and light. If you look, they are everywhere, aren't they?

These are all beautiful photos! I want to catch the next flight to Morocco!

Question: did you paint the light covers?

Mary Ann said...

oh the doors, the doors
and patterns
every bit lovely and amazing
marrakesh sounds like a DREAM
come true

Mari said...

You made a lovely light!

Elizabeth said...

No , we never painted the light covers......but discovered that Sayeed had painted most of the pots on the terrace pretty much the same color they ever were - Marrakshi pink.
He is quite a character.

All: Yes,patterns are all over the place and mostly we don't take any notice of them!

Sara said...

That's quite a lovely medallion to have over one's sink! I love all the patterns and designs over there in Morroco! And of course, the colors. And I think I would love the music too...from what little I know of music in that part of the world, it is as intricate as the patterns and designs...and as colorful as the colors.

Bhavna said...

Lovely blog!

I have very similar metal fixture at my stair landing...they look beautiful when turned on :)

natural attrill said...

Just found you on my friend Gretels blog (middle of nowhere)thought I'd come and say hi.
We hope to visit Morocco in May, 4 nights in Essaouira and then 3 in Marrakech to celebrate my 50th birthday.
Come visit our blog if you have time, its mostly showing our son Toby's creations, he's 12.