Monday, March 24, 2008

Grand Hotel Tazi

The entrance to THE GRAND HOTEL TAZI at the end of a road that leads from Place Djemma El Fna out to a place where you can get taxis.
Stupidly, I thought "Tazi" had something to do with 'taxi' but , in fact, it's just a name.
Needless to say, as with almost anything I take a picture of, it's due for 'improvements'.
Part of the joy of Hotel Tazi is that it isn't the least bit improved.

Here some traditional musicians stand by the front entrance to entertain us.

The decor is amazing. Such a plethora of patterns. Overstuffed sofas and cut plasterwork and color upon color and pictures and who knows what else.
Glittering metallic holiday decorations hang from the ceiling.
They recently painted the main lounge and removed the yellow patina of decades' worth of nicotine stains.

Tazi's main claim to fame is that it is the place closest to Djemma El Fna that serves BEER -Heineken, Flag, Casablanca and Speciale.
Lots of people go there for exactly that reason.
Aging hippies and respectable folk and Moroccans and people who have recently been out in the desert - who you can tell by the redness of their faces.
One can sit there for hours marveling at the variety.
Taxi has a big color TV usually with the soccer on it but sometimes Arnold movies.

I mostly drink mint tea there. But they also give you lots of nuts and popcorn.
The clientele is often not in its first youth which sort of fits in with the general ambience.
Up the curving staircase, there are endless corridors with hotel rooms - lots and lots of them.
Behind the hotel there is a swimming pool which I have never swum in.


Barrie said...

Fun looking place. I really want to hear those muscians!

Barbara said...

This was certainly interesting. I am learning much about Marakesh through your eyes. Thank you.
Yes I did see yur donkey post, I'm sure I commented.

rochambeau said...

Hi Elizabeth,
How interesting the Tazi looks. Is this something you would do on an average day or for a special occasion? Hope you are having a wonderful time in the city. Did you see the Easter Parade yesterday??

Thanks for your comment!

Annie said...

Your photos are always so wonderful!
I love seeing how other people live.

Sara said...

This is all very interesting....and I don't know why, but it surprises me to see popcorn being served in Morroco!

sab said...

is out of time..;amazing moment

Kitem said...

I would gladly come over have a glass of mint tea in this most exotic place.

My Castle in Spain said...

Hello Elizabeth,

This is a very charming place...Next time i'll know where to take my boyfriend for a beer instead of going all the way to Tanjia...thanks for the tip !
Love the photos of musicians...

Have a very nice day !


Anonymous said...

Now I have swum in the swimming pool at the Tazi: the first time we were in Marrakech, in 1986!!!
I see you've changed your blog heading! Would you believe that I have actually started mine!

Kate and Roger Skophammer said...

Yeah, BEER! I'd go somewhere to get cold beer, too.

Simple Blog Writer said...

Great - love all the patterns. I like visiting your site not only because of the scenes I get to see because it encourages me to keep taking photos. I truly like seeing what you post - both images and text.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

What interesting decor. Didn't occur to me beer wouldn't be served everywhere - what do you drink usually? Don't cultures vary...!

Elizabeth said...

Regarding the beer question: because Morocco is a Muslim country, alcohol really isn't encouraged and is not for sale in the medina which is the old part of the city.
Many Moroccans love CocaCola. Mint tea, of course. Coffee.
A weird soft fizzy drink called Hawaii which is sickly sweet and I've developed a taste for.
My husband loves beer and so we end up going on the bus up to Gueliz the new town to bring it back.
During Muslin holidays you have to show your passport to prove you are not Morocccan!

Julie said...

I love this post. I have been lucky enough to stay at the Hotel Tazi and your pictures and descriptions describe it perfectly.

Jennifer said...

I love that you say "The clientele is often not in its first youth which sort of fits in with the general ambience." Sounds charming, to me.

Lora said...

What an intriquing place! I'd love to hear those musicians, too!

Vienna for Beginners said...

Lovely place! I would go there and if were only for the fresh dates I see being offered.

shelley said...

I love beer. If I ever get to Morocco - I'll know where to go for one… or two.

Lindsey said...

Great pictures! I've always been intrigued by the sketchiness of this place, I definitely need to check it out during my next trip to Marrakesh!

Love the blog, by the way!

ed said...


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