Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day: Wednesday May 15th

Frank Gardner, a wonderful painter who lives in Mexico was asked by Alicia Padron, a wonderful children's book illustrator, to write about a day in his life.
He did, and it was most interesting. I always see lots of similarities between Morocco and Mexico.
Needless to say, this being the blogosphere, he was asked to pass the idea along......

I wake up about six, or when the light through the green glass above the bedroom door looks bright.
Tea. E-mails. Write blog.
Squeeze oranges for fresh juice.
In the morning I write. Yesterday I was editing. I managed this for about three hours.
Robert painted and the kittens did kitten things like using cherries as soccer balls.

Since we live in a busy part of the medina, the streets are always full of people.

The other day I told someone I was going to do a post on stripy costumes. So I went looking for people to take photos of.
Then I felt stalkerish.

So I went to a little shop round the back of Cafe France where they sell the material to make the stripy djellabahs and took pictures of the fabrics instead. Attention Maryam -lots of wonderful fabrics here for you!

I also took a picture of a wall - which, as usual -looks like an abstract painting.
Then Robert and I had lunch in the courtyard.
Cheese, hobz -flat bread. Small tomatoes, olives, Crunchips - potato crisps/chips. Robert loves them - they are rather a luxury and Ismail always has some whenever he stops by.

I had been promising Amina, my Berber friend, that I'd have my hand henna'd for the longest time. I hadn't had it done since before we went to America.
I told Robert to take a picture of it with the henna still wet. He said we had lots of pictures of henna already. So I said - Take it anyway. He did.
Nap time. I try not to get the still wet henna on the bedclothes.

More writing..........

This is one of the many little children who play in the derb - some enchanting, some mischevious.......
He was playing on the shutters of "Bis" our nearest shop, which was obviously closed.
We had chicken for supper with lima beans and rice - cooked by me. Followed by peaches I had stewed at home - this is what you do if you haven't gobbled them all up already. They last longer poached with one little lump of sugar.
Then we watched an episode of "The Sopranos" that we had downloaded from the internet.
Then Robert read War and Peace. I read Antonio Tabucchi on Merisi's suggestion.
Went to sleep about 11pm.
A very satisfactory day.
Gosh, we are boring!


Marja said...

My mum travelled to Mexico An amazing country as well. Your pictures tell a beautiful story as well. That painting on that has is beautiful

AlasMyDear said...

thank you for that little snapshot into your life! i love reading about people in other cultures. makes my boring little life that much more interesting.

that hand henna painting is really intricate. nicer than most of the ones i see around these parts!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Wow E, love your henna'd hand. Fab!!!

Merisi said...

Beautiful post,
I loved reading along and thinking of how you went through this different activities when all of a sudden I realized I had been reading my own name. So sweet of you, thank you.
Which of the Tabucchi books are you reading? I imagine "Hallocination" or "Indian Nocturne" are particularly suited to being read in a place like Marrakesh.
Have three days of gallery openings with M. right now, who is staying here with me. Last night we went to see Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida" in a modern take, tonight we will be at an Art Nouveau theatre which is not open to the public, except during the Vienna Festival which is going on right now. So, busy busy busy here, but a wonderful kind of busy after a long stretch of "not time for fun".
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a henna head would look good? Maybe someday.

rochambeau said...

It was fun to follow your day, I'll have to check out Franks day too. Some of the things you said makes me smile, like you felt stalkerish! Also, how you told Robert to take the photo of your beautifully hennaed hand (anyway) and your talk of the mischievous boys.

Your life doesn't sound boring to me, not one bit. Sounds energizing, yet peaceful. I like your Marrakesh very much.

Have another wonderful day.

Hey Harriet said...

Nothing whatsoever about your day sounded boring to me! It sounded lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

PS - I love The Sopranos

Tracy said...

Such a lovely day-in-the-life portrait. The henna design is gorgeous!! Happy weekend to you and the kitties ((HUGS))

razzler said...

That doesn't sound boring at all! It sounds lovely.

And I love the henna on your hand.

sukipoet said...

I don't know. Sounds like a pretty fabulous day to me. And way more exciting than any of my current days. What are you writing and editing?

High Desert Diva said...

Funny how we see things. Living in the busy medina doesn't sound like it could ever be boring to me...

The stacked striped fabric...henna design, all your interesting.

Frank Gardner said...

Nope, not boring at all. I like the laid back lifestyle you lead. Maybe that is one of the reasons I am drawn to your blog. We have that in common. I can't do naps though. I'm ruined for the rest of the day if I do.
As always, I love seeing pictures of your "world". Love that green window, the wall with the bikes, the people and action, stripes.
The henna hand is great, thanks Robert for being a sport about it.
You have mentioned cruchips a few times now and I am curious about those. LOL Frank heads to Marrakesh to get crunchips. With all the great food over there, I am sure it would be into the second week before I would get myself some.
What's up with the Sopranos??? Everyone is writing that they need to watch the Sopranos. I've never seen more than a few minutes and was not really interested. I watch different venom I guess.
Thanks so much for joining in Elizabeth. Reading about your day has been great.

Mélanie said...

I love Mexico and I have roots in northern Africa ( Algerie , MOrrocco) the first time I went to Morroco , it reminds me my loved country.
But I have to tell , Mexico is my favorite

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I agree this is not a boring day! productive, creative...

and oh the henna patterns on your hand...GREAT!!
Have another lovely day!

mike rooney said...

glad to see that even a world away from north carolina someone is enjoying art, humanity, and The Sopranos. we ARE all the same really, arent we?

Paz said...

A good day for you. I want to have my hand henna'd.


Frances said...

Elizabeth, let me join the earlier comments that encouraged you to banish "boring" from describing anything that you might write.

Hoping that the henna traces will still be faintly visible when you get back to New York.

I continue to thank you for giving me a window I would not otherwise have.


Willow said...

Not boring, Elizabeth. Just endearing in its ordinariness. Lucky you to be home all day and writing!

elizabeth said...

Such kind and lovely comments.
Yes,I'm really lucky to be able to enjoy my peaceful life here amidst startling and amazing surroundings.
Quite a change from three years ago when I was catching the 5:47am train to reverse commute to Long Island from Manhattan and then teaching 120 students a day.......
Yes henna is fun and smells lovely and organic even after three days.
Merisi - I just finished "Dreams of Dreams" -magic.
As regards what I'm writing - children's stories right now.
Happy weekend to all!

Ming the Merciless said...

Love the henna design. How long does the henna stain stay on the skin?

MadameMonet said...

I think this is your best post! I loved reading it. I thought about how different it is to my own day, even living in the same city. You've given me the idea to do a similar post someday on the life of a teacher in Morocco!

I thought you got some amazing photos here, especially of the women by the pay telephone, in the medina.

Madame Monet

Karen Cole said...

Boring? Hardly.

I am SO ready to get my hands and feet hennaed. So are there special shops, similar to a hairdresser, where one can go and be "decorated" or do you just need a talented and good friend?

Barbara said...

I just love reading about people's lives and this was no exception. Obviusly why I like biographies so much. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer said...

So not boring, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Boring? Hardly. Your day sounds idyllic. The henna on your hand is exquisite.

ed said...

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