Friday, May 9, 2008

The Road to Marrakech

Late afternoon, leaving the farm after a lovely quiet day.

Down a dirt road where the children are coming home from school.

This really doesn't look like Morocco at all.
Mediterranean olive groves, lush fields watered by run-off snow from the Atlas Mountains.

We are some 30 km south of Marrakech, towards the mountains.
Fertile, rustic and quite hard to get to.

The day was overcast rather than the usual blazing sun, rather refreshing.

The clouds played on the low hills making sharp contrasts between light and dark.

One can sit and look at the hills for a long time.


André Lemay said...

This reminds me nice souvenirs from when I visited Morrocco in early 1980. You have really nice pictures. I will come back a visi often.

Vanessa said...

You tirelessly show different faces of Morocco (from its kittens to its mountains!). Thanks for sharing! :-) I am slowly becoming a manic commenter on your blog, as you note and observe and capture many unique and familiar sights, and take me there, too!

A lovely weekend!

High Desert Diva said...

Those treeless hills look similar to where we live in Central Oregon. 30 miles away from us, are huge Pine forests. Funny how different it can be a short drive away.

Anonymous said...

I love the sky.


Hey Harriet said...

I love gazing at mountains. Thanks for allowing me to gaze at yours. They're gorgeous.

Barbara said...

Thanks for this tour. Interesting to see what the surrounding countryside is like. Greener than I imagined.

Willow said...

I've read about the Atlas Mountains and now I've SEEN them! Thank you so much for sharing the photos. The countryside looks a lot like rural Italy or even rural Southern California.

Annie said...

Beautiful as always. Thank you for
taking us with you :-).

Joanne Kennedy said...

I just love reading about life in a place that seems like a world away.

I noticed the sky there is such a beauiful blue.

Here in CA we have smog which turns our blue skies to a pale blue with a haze of brown yuck.

Oh, I'm having a give away over at my blog if you want to come by and see if you are interested.


Maria said...

The same with me! Thank's for sharing your trip and: I would not have thought that Marocco would be so green. The countryside is lovely - I mean fascinating, exiting! And the light - ah! Love to visit your blog!
The picture with the child running on the street: great!
Think I'm getting maniac too ;)

willow said...

Ahhh...that sky is amazing.

Marja said...

Beutiful countryside. Morroco is great