Sunday, May 4, 2008

Around and About

This is a photo of one of our favorite people. He is the owner of a very useful grocery store on derb Dabachi. Here you can buy such staples as Flotta ( a bright green dishwashing detergent which you have to use an awful lot of) , Crunchips (pototo chips/crisps) and rice of various varieties. He likes to help us with our Arabic and intersperses every puchase with "Bismillah'. Since quite a lot of his stock is stored high up, he spends a great deal of time on a ladder.
If either Robert or I go in on our own, he is certain to inquire about the other one.

I really wanted to take a picture of the man in the middle of these three walking down derb Dabachi. He was so dapper and chic with a white hat and matching white shoes.

This perfectly awful picture is really meant to be of the man with his woolly hat and crate full of doomed chickens being pulled through the square by the patient donkey.

When I asked the man lurking in the back of the barber's shop if I could take a photo - since the light was falling do wonderfully on the old red seats - he said "Three Euro". This seems a bit steep - about $4.50 - for a glimpse of picturesque decay. So I gave him 10 dihram, about one euro, which was much too much. If you enlarge the picture it is rather fascinating.

People sitting round not doing very much opposite the mellah market.

Inside the market a man walks to get more supplies off the truck in the street. Note watermelons on the right.


Maria said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I just looked into your previous posts. The pictures of the small streets in your neighbourhood and the little shops are wonderful! Everything looks peaceful and tranquil, and so colourful!
I love it when you show pictures of the people around, it is interesting to see how life is organised. Also the handmade slippers are really great! I'd buy many of them, if I were there! The atmosphere created by the sunligth falling through slats is really impressive! The old sewing machines, shops with goods piled up to the ceiling - things like that I remember from my childhood, but today it is hard to find these things in central Europe. I always like to visit your blog!
Regards, Maria

M.KATE said...

I love that last picture on how the light shine through. You are really a pro in taking pictures. Thanks you so much for allowing us a peep into Marrakesh..which I am dying to go one day. The colours and everything is so vibrant.

Happy week ahead :)

High Desert Diva said...

The barbershop photo is great...even if you did have to pay for the privilege of taking it!

Years ago, my aunt lived in Saudi Arabia. Evidently it was illegal to take photos. Intrepid person that she is, she designed a purse to hide her camera...complete with a strategically placed hole. She was able to (surprisingly) get some marvelous shots.

Willow said...

Don't you just cringe when someone walks into your photo? 'How dare they mess up my photo op?'

Even so, the photos give a wonderful window view of live in Marrakesh, which I love to see.

willow said...

Really fun to take a peek at the goods on the grocery shelves.

I'm still amazed at the wonderful colors.

Jane said...

Thank you for your comment, It is lovely to visit your blog too. Your photos are beautiful Marrakesh looks a wonderful fascinating place. Jane

Annie said...

Lovely, lovely photos like always, Loved the one of the store owner
:-), And the red seats in the sun.

Lora said...

Such interesting faces! And I love the products all stacked on the shelves of the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos, you have a great eye with the camera and I feel like you see things that I would see. Keep it up!!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I can see why the barber shop interested you. I like the ornamentation on the front, below the window, and then the checkered floor, and the effervescent pink on the walls....

All those narrow streets and winding alleyways....did you get lost a great deal when you first got to Marrakesh?

The first photo..I enlarged that one too....I'm interested to see all the unfamiliar brand names, like "Omo", amongst the familiar ones...Tide...Nesquick....

Are you becoming known as the woman with the camera, or is Marrakesh so large and tourist-filled that you are one of many camera-wielding foreigners?

pocketcultures said...

These are lovely photos, and really good for getting a taste of everyday life in Morocco. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How nice to find a photo of our favourite shop keeper. We use to buy Arabica coffee from him, and my wife gets a lecture in Arabic as well... We seem to have the same favourites - first the butcher, and now the coffee salesman :-)

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Elizabeth. You are so good about getting new things on your blog almost every day. If I miss a few days, there is always so many goodies to catch up on.

I clicked on that barber shop picture since you had to pay. interesting colors.
Love the light through the slats in the roof. Again.
The guys selling drinks of water are quite unique.

Your blog is always a fun place to visit!