Friday, May 30, 2008


On my very early morning walk round Essouira the other day, I came upon a shop which looked delightful.........

........on closer inspection my suspicions were confirmed.........

See all the lanterns and pretty ceramics with Islamic calligraphy on. Really the sort of place to discover treasures.


I don't very often do these but sometimes they seem fun.
Gemma of Greyscale Territory in Tasmania (now there's an exotic spot for you!) who has a most fascinating and poetic blog tagged me for this one.
I hope I have got all the parts of it right.

10 years ago
We were in the middle of preparing to move from Long Island to an apartment in Manhattan. Our daughter was about to graduate from high school.
I was working as a teacher.

5 places you have lived:

You can tell from this that I'm a very lucky person.....

Oxford, England
Florence, Italy
Los Angles, California
Long Island, NY
Marrakech, Morocco

3 bad habits (I'm glad we only had to put three!)
Playing much too much online solitaire
Loving sugar
Being too early for everything

If I was a billionaire
Aside from fixing all the world's problems and making crusades against everything bad and giving universal health care and education and all that, and making people be kinder to one another......
On a personal level I would employ a wonderful, simple cook to make us lovely healthy meals that I didn't plan.
I would have a little farm with chickens and ducks, a donkey and a super huge garden
I would have a massage every day.......
This is fun, I could go on and on.
In fact I wouldn't need a billion dollars at all........

5 jobs I've had
Since I'm very ancient, I've had lots of jobs some odder than others.

My first real job was at Blackwell's antiquarian book shop in Oxford.
I sold hand-knitted sweaters to tourists opposite the Pitti Palace in Florence.
I taught English and History in Peckham, South London
I was a rather useless salesperson selling "Contemporary French Impressionist" paintings ( don't ask!) at the Wally Findlay Galleries on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
I taught creative writing for 22 years on Long Island while moonlighting as an art critic for LI Newsday

5 people to tag to pass the meme on

Please only do this if you have time.
Also anyone else who would like to join in, please do.........
These are just a few people with super blogs.........

Paz of Paz's New York Minute
Willow of Willow Cottage
Sara of Much Ado About Something
Constance of Rochambeau
Sarah of Passementeries Diary


P said...

What a wonderful and vibrant life you've had...and continue to lead.

I'd like to have chickens too - exotic ones with ridiculous plumage. I love the color of their eggs.zal

lorenzothellama said...

Thank you Elizabeth for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the photos.

Did you buy anything from that wonderful little shop?

You have had a very interesting life. I would love to visit your blog again. Please feel free to pop over to mine whenever you feel like it. I have made some brilliant friends through blogging!

Love Lorenzo.

Paz said...

You really are a very interesting person. You've done a lot of interesting things. By the way, being early is NOT a bad thing at all. We should all be that way. ;-)

Thanks for the tag, I'll get to it ASAP.


Mouse said...

Love the pictures
would adore the lanterns
and I'd like chickens too
You sold books in Oxford?
and taught English in Peckham
Aren't people endlessly fascinating?

Marja said...

Wow you really are a globe trotter.
(not sure if that is english) Italy, Tuscany is top on my list of places to see I went a few times to Italy (dolemites) and loved the country.
Love creative writing as well. I never learned it myself but help out at my kids highschool, got a book and supported kids. Got really excited about it.
Was interesting learning about you Thanks, might do this as well but won't be as interesting as yours

d. moll, said...

really like these photos, the reflections and the wall texture is so yummy! You are having ever such an interesting life. Thanks for sharing your great pictures through your blog.

rochambeau said...

Your answers very intriguing. Yes!! You are a lucky, lucky girl indeed!
But I do wish you a little plot of land to grown things on!

Thanks for the tag Elizabeth! I'm going to ponder. I've already answered other meme's asking many of the questions, so wouldn't want to play the broken record!

Are you in the city on 11 June. Some bloggers: Karen Cole, Susanna Gordan, two of my buds Mary and Sandy and I will going to go to Ocean Grove (near my house). You could take the train down for an adventure with the blogettes! If that is you're around! Maybe Paz wants to come too!

willow said...

What exotic jobs you've had, Elizabeth. I am especially envious of the first one.

Your photos are exceptionally stunning today!!!

Barbara said...

I did enjoy reading this Elizabeth. Looks like you need to be writing your memoirs. So much of interest.

What fun places you have lived in.
I was wondering what could be better than living in Oxford - well working at Blackwells book shop has to be it.

Was thinking of you yesterday as there was a mini Morrocan market in our shopping centre. Very exotic and colourful and the pastries and sweetmeats looked divine. Unortunately I did nothave my camera.

linda said...

just popping over from the hills of northern california to say hello and to thank you for visiting my blog...I loved rambling through your blogs and seeing all the pictures of places I have never been but hope to someday visit! Marrakesh is a gorgeous place to live! May I add you to my list of musers?

come visit anytime! linda

CaBaCuRl said...

So pleased to have rediscovered your blog...lots of beautiful pictures to catch up on.

Mary Ann said...

Elizabeth - I've just spent a long time diving into your shockingly beautiful photos of Marrakesh. I am being seduced into travel. again.
You have a keen eye for making lovely pictures.

Barrie said...

Elizabeth, you are so interesting!

tlc illustration said...

'Jealous of all the places you've lived!

Love your 'ideal' home situation. I'm currently working on the chicken part. :-)

Hey Harriet said...

What a wonderful & fascinating life yours is. Gosh, the places you've lived in & the such eclectic & interesting jobs you've had. Wow! Thanks for sharing all that as it was most fun to read & to discover those things about you :)

Kristen said...

I agree that you are an interesting person! with a wonderful attitude of never stopping to learn. great example!

Jennifer said...

Hi Elizabeth-- Fun to read! And I love what you'd do with the billions...

Greyscale Territory said...

Please forgive me for not realising you had done this meme! I absolutely adore your response!

I can't believe you have worked in a bookshop + English and History teacher! The same as I have!!!!

But there the similarity ends. I would so love to travel! But I seek solace in finding blogs like yours to imagine being in exciting places.

Thank you so much again for your response!

ed said...


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