Monday, April 28, 2008

Ammer bin Nas/Full of People

This is a Saturday afternoon in Djemma ElFna.

We had just bought some vegetables and decided to wander around a bit.
You won't find any pictures here of the snake charmers and the water sellers.

Or the monkey owners or the drummers - just ordinary people.

The stall holders were just setting up for the evening's eating.
I think these two women in traditional dress had got there a bit too early........

You can buy magazines and newspapers from all over the world - often a day or two late.
I used to be quite addicted to The New York Times, but here I don't read the paper at all - sometimes squint at the headlines - but it all seems so repetitive or else ephemeral.
Lots of celebrity magazines.......lots of trivia.

The plastic seats are for eating dinner - the view is of the orange juice stands.
So many people - such hustle and bustle.
You could get fed up, but never bored, in the square.


sukipoet said...

I love seeing just ordinary people. But regardless, they are still exotic to me here in the boondocks of america. Did you mean "you can get fed up" as a pun? :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am charmed by what you show us here from ordinary life in "your" city.

Xander said...

Wow, what an amazing setting. I'd love to see it in person. -X

Frank Gardner said...

I bet the food in those stands is REALLY good.
How are those kittens? If I were closer I would take one or two off your hands.

Karen Cole said...

How is it that even the ordinary looks so extraordinary in your country. Even the simple colors are so vibrant.

Last week when I was in NYC I had dinner 3 times in a Moroccan restaurant. The spices, the taste, the color mmmm.

Barbara said...

I guess although different, there is still a sameness of markets the world over. Certainly the colour here is different.

Maria said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Thanks for visiting my blog, this is a great pleasure for a newcomer!!!
Oh, will you keep the cute little cats?
Regards from Vienna,

christine mercer-vernon said...

so interesting! they have orange juice stands?? i can't imagine...i would LOVE to be able to get fresh orange juice walking down the street!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The orange juice cart is so food for the eyes!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, fresh orange juice, real orange juice!
It costs 3 dihrams - about 45cents US.
Very refreshing and good for you.
The buses (or camels) from out of town used to arrive in the square and the food stands were originally there to provide weary travelers with refreshment.

Ming the Merciless said...

Cool street scene.

Yes, I was up at 3 AM in the morning because I drank some iced tea with dinner and the caffeine is keeping me up.

Now I'm at the office with only 4 hours of sleep. *yawn*

High Desert Diva said...

Love the wrought iron lamp post at Le Grand Balcon...

Paz said...

There's lots to do here! Cool!


ed said...

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Life in USA said...

I wish I could visit Morocco.