Friday, April 18, 2008

A Walk to buy Vegetables at the Mellah Market

Down derb Djedid
to Douar Groua which is a small square where there is parking and an old lycee

I follow a group of women past the mosque.
The palm tree casts wonderful shadows.

I head towards rue riad Zitoune Djedid and turn left.

When I stop to look at this bright window, I'm assured it's
"bleu Majorelle" - comme le Jardin.
I nod.

On the left hand side of the street is a door which hasn't been opened for many moons.
Lots of decoration however.

The fruit and vegetable market is a garden of delight. Peas, green beans, artichokes...... what to choose?
I buy olives and red roses then go to visit the owner of the pet food shop whose own cat, Norah, is the proud mother of five kittens.


M.KATE said...

hmm..should do a wet market post soon, happy weeeknd :)

Merisi said...

That window, "bleu Majorelle",
such striking beauty!
Wished I could come too. ;-)

willow said...

It sounds like such a delightful community. Not only colorful, but also friendly. Wonderful pix!

Joanne said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me with your comments. Your blog is wonderful. I feel as if I am on a personal tour of your part of the world! I don't know your whole story, and wondered why one might be living in Marrakesh... I absolutely love all the color and creativity that is evident in the design of the buildings, the doors, even in the display of the vegetables in the marketplace. Isn't it fun to see how creativity expresses itself in every culture?

I will be back to walk with you again, Elizabeth. I am looking forward to learning more, and seeing the uniqueness and beauty of Marrakesh through the lens of your camera. :-)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I so enjoy these up close and personal glimpses of your Morocco.

As ever, your photos bring the streets of Marrakesh to life.

Bless you for sharing this with us!

Frank Gardner said...

You do a great job of taking us through the streets of Marrakesh.
Wonderful photos.

Barrie said...

I LOVE the pink wall and blue window!

Suburbia said...

Wow, what a great market.

Britt-Arnhild said...

A shower of colours!
I'd love a blue window like that :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Mellah market so much ... even the chicken-slaughter section :) Much prefer its earthy realities to the perfection of Acima or Marjane ... on the other hand, it is unnerving to carrying a still-warm chicken (plucked and slaughtered) back to the house for luncheon ...

Eamon said...

The colour and light is great. Must be wonderful being a painter there.

Frances said...

Hello Elizabeth,

The colors in these photos make my eyes open wide, wider!

The tiles, the walls, the blue window frame, and the vegetables.
Every hue adds something to the one that is next to it.

New York is now warm, going towards warmer. We can pack our coats away, and soon the jackets can go, too.

Best wishes. xo

Anonymous said...

what a nice walk. worth it to get those delicious, fresh-looking vegetables.


Honour said...

ah - those vegetables! what a cornucopia of color! lovely - thanks for sharing (especially on my snowy night here in Alberta)

Anonymous said...

The fruit and vegetables are really good looking and great tasting. The cauliflowers are really healthy most of all if it was grown in an Organic Garden

Zahra said...

oh that window!what a
wonderful shot..well done!