Friday, April 25, 2008

Parc elHarti

The other day we met friends for lunch at Jardins du Gueliz, a restaurant at the edge of Parc Elharti.

The public park is quite near the post office and is huge and well-laid out.
It is frequented by both Moroccans and people who live in Gueliz.
Not many tourists though.

there are lots of benches to sit on.........

both in the sun and in the shade.........

The yellow shrub was large and exciting but I don't know what it is........

Easy to recognize a geranium.

Two dinosaurs - which are also slides - face off in the children's playground.

This tower is a home for pigeons.


razzler said...

I think I found this garden when I visited Marrakesh. I had been left to my own devices and I wandered around and eventually (after about 3 hours of getting hopelessly lost) found this place - it was so lovely.

willow said...

Glorious! And those huge trees must be ancient...look at those trunks.

sukipoet said...

fabulous park. You are lucky!

My Castle in Spain said...

Oh...such peace..
I love this park! Today I really felt like making a short trip even to Tangier...I miss Morocco !!

Have fun and enjoy !

ps: Elizabeth, you don't rent your ryad anymore, do you ? (I just don't see the ad and can't find your email adress on the blog)

Frances said...

Elizabeth, I continue to enjoy all these colors and accompanying words. Lots of pink!

It is finally getting warmer in New York ... up to the 70's, which is bringing on the final flush of spring flowering in the Park and on the side street plots.

The shop is mayhem. Our business is amazing. I am delighted that I will have next week off. Hoping to have a brush with my brushes and paints and pencils and camera. And see friends, too!


Sara said...

That view of the couple on the bench in the shade is my favorite....there's something so refreshing and pleasant about a shady green oasis like that on a sunny day. I can almost hear the birds singing!

MadameMonet said...

Where is the Parc El Harti? I have never been there.

Madame Monet

Sanaa said...

"It is frequented by both Moroccans and people who live in Gueliz.
Not many tourists though."

Riiight.. because only non-Moroccans live in Gueliz, is that it?

Reminder - 99% of Gueliz and the Palmeraie's residents are Moroccans.

High Desert Diva said...

Love the dinosaur slides!