Monday, April 28, 2008

Dar Mimoun/ Lucky House

Dar Mimoun is just off rue riad Zitoune LaKadime.
We often take people who are visiting there.
The menu has stayed pretty much the same for a long time.
I didn't put in what we ate when I first made this post, but since several people asked, I have added it in a comment below!

We have been going there for the last ten years, during which time there have been continual 'improvements' - lots of new decorations and so forth.

This opulent gold fountain is very special indeed.
Luckily there have been no structural changes.
It is a wonderful house set round a courtyard full of fruit trees.
A guinea fowl sometimes wanders there - and skinny cats always do.

These white curtains to one of the salons are new.
I'm not sure who the portrait is of - it looks a little like Simon Bolivar - but it couldn't possible be him, could it?
George V graces another room.

The decorative lights outlining the door add a touch of.............

I like the light shining through the colored glass.
I'm not sure where this room leads to.

Updates on various things.
1. The Post Office renovations proceed slowly.
2. They have painted the tree cages in the little park by the bus stop a tasteful, unobtrusive dark green. They were more fun light green.
3. The taxi drivers have been sent on some sort of course. They now ALL have meters. And use them. They are all being amazingly polite!
In the past only some were wonderful...
4. Ghislan laughed when she saw the cats. She said the mother wasn't as pretty as Mimi.
She said the kittens weren't as pretty as Mimi's and locked them in the downstairs lavatory while she cleaned up.


Ming the Merciless said...

Hmmm! I was hoping to see some food items served at Dar Mimoun. :-)

The architecture is definitely beautiful and interesting.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Elizabeth....
I’m pleased that you enjoy your visits to Wales via my blog. We both live in beautiful countries. Mine is very green and yours very ornate with its own special beauty.

My son has a great passion for Morocco and if you look back in my archives you will see a posting that I wrote about one of his trips out there visiting the school of Iche. Its dated 8 March ‘07. Marion

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Beautiful place! Fun to see your posts after having been offline some days...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Maria said...

Dear Elizabeth, nice that you came over to Vienna! Yes, my dog enjoys our strolls and I am so happy that there are many pedestrian zones in the heart of the city so that the dog can run without a leach there. And we also have a park with lawns nearby where dogs are at least tolerated.
When the dog came with us from Italy four years ago, I was not sure if keeping a dog in a flat in a city would work out well. But it's OK.
Thank you for recommending MERISI to me. But I already know her blog. It's funny, two weeks ago I googled a cafe in Vienna and came across Merisi's blog because it had a picture of this cafe (Cafe Dommayer)! So I found out about and was fascinated by the idea of getting so easily in contact with so many people around the world and seeing so many fascinating pictures.
I wonder how everyday life is in Marocco, in Marrakesh. I only know that the Atlas mountains are nearby... Good for hiking? ;)
But I am fascinated by the beautiful colours of you photos and the exotic setting.
I will often come to visit your blog and see what's new...
Kind regards, Maria

Sara said...

Hi Elizabeth...that golden fountain is really lovely, and I bet it is even more dramatic in person.

Thanks for the Elizabeth von Arnim recommendation; would you believe it? Elizabeth and Her German Garden is sitting on my shelf at this moment; I bought it years ago and loved it! I discovered this author when that wonderful movie, Enchanted April, came out (it's one of my favorites) because she also wrote that book. I love it when the movie people produce a story so well that was written for another place and time!

Elizabeth v. A. was Katherine Mansfield's cousin, if I remember correctly...I've not yet read anything by Mansfield but she's on my list. Willow at Willow Manor has KM quoted on her sidebar, which reminded me recently to look for her works.

willow said...

Fun and exotic place to eat! What did you eat, BTW? I am curious to know what kinds of food are on the menu.

Elizabeth said...

Several people have asked what we ate!
Well, first we had salad Marocaine which isn't exactly salad as we usually think of it, but rather lots of little dishes of cooked spiced veggies.
Potatoes, aubergine, squash,olives,carrots etc etc. I think the egg-plant is the best.
Flat bread.
Then chicken and lemon tagine,
or chicken tagine with honey and tomatoes.
I had barbequed lamb brochettes with mint, and a fresh tomato sauce, and a little couscous
No alcohol!
Sparkling water to drink.
MINT TEA - very sweet - with little plain crumbly cookies
The price for this feast in charming surroundings?
About $12 US per person - including tip.
We could go there every night!

Elizabethd said...

It must be a fascinating country.Lovely to see your photos of the buildings and interiors.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to eat there. ;-)


willow said...

$ goodness...that is amazing for such a wonderful meal. I would be tempted to eat there a lot!

Heather said...

Thats Cool!