Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moroccan Color

Long time readers of this blog will find it rather stale news that I love color and texture - and windows, doors and walls.
However a small selection below.

A window at Dar Cherifa.

A window at the rental we shared outside Essouira last summer.
The whole villa was astoundingly oddly decorated but provided wonderful respite from the heat of Marrakech.

Work in progress and a lovely fall of light at the elegant Peacock Pavilions. We can't wait.

Derb Snane off Mousassine on the way to have tea with friends.

An exterior staircase at a friend's rental in the countryside.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Elizabeth, I just popped over to get my daily Moroccan "fix". Your photos are always so alive with colour and texture. I like the coloured glass in the window, in the second one. You have the photographer's eye for composition, and Morocco must provide endless subject matter. Lucky, lucky you.


this is my patch said...

I love colour too, and I have yet to comment how I like the backdrop for your blog in the very Moroccan sand colour. x

Elizabeth said...

So glad you like the background color - it's free with blogger!! and sort of suits the theme.
On some computers it seems to come up bright yellow.....
Yes, Morocco is super for colored glass. We had nasty yellow everywhere and I changed all the little windows myself - on a step ladder with tacks.
I am not very hand but it's fun.

rochambeau said...

Beautiful subtle color combo's. Peaceful. I'll be thinking of you on your journey back.


Anonymous said...

I love all the color. Soothing.


Frances said...

Hello Elizabeth,
After scrolling through your most recent postings, my mind is awash with beautiful pink-tinged colors.

The pink against that brillian blue sky is so dramatic. I do not know if I could ever tire of the variations, since I am so used to our multiplicity of Manhattan greys.

Best wishes.

Frank Gardner said...

I never get tired of seeing your photos of Morocco. This and yesterday's post on walls. Beautiful stuff.

On my computer the background color is the same yellow as the peacock pavillions photo.

M.KATE said...

Hi Elizabeth, i will never get bored coming here, it's a new thing for me everytime as i love all the colours and lifestye in's really beautiful, happy week ahead :)

The Ginger Darlings said...

Hi lovely lady
It is dark grey here in Wales today ad the sky keeps promising snow and delivering hail and rain. Cats have been indoors melting the sofa and Larry the spaniel has now gone home.
I love the sunshine colours of your blog, so beautiful.
Will be intouch. Hard at work trying to do too many things at once.
Jackie, and of course, the Ginger Cats

Eamon said...

Elizabeth. Thanks for droppng by my blog (and comment about Amish). This might sound bizarre but when I was in Algeciras (southern Spain, looking onto Morocco) I saw a Mennonite family at the port (what an earth they were doing there I have no idea - the Mennonites are similar to the Amish).
By the way, do you know that part of Spain. Algeciras is a dump (but I took the ferry from there to Tangier) but Taria, nearby, and looking onto Tangier, is magnificent - I go there for my holiday. ?