Saturday, April 5, 2008

Various and Varied Marrakeshi Walls

Walls are a very important part of Marrakech life.
Almost all the exterior walls are some sort of pink or coral or rose.

This leads to a mild sort of uniformity - though there are tremendous variations depending on the age of the paint and whether it has flaked off and so on.
They are very useful for hanging out the wash amongst other things.

So life here is awash with pink which is rather wonderful.
Then, after a long while, you have to go to Essouira where everything is blue and white.
Like the palate, the eye craves variety.

I wish I knew all the names of the roads but since I spend most of my time walking, I navigate by what I know.
This pretty soft pink wall is across the other side of the busy road near Hotel Tazi.

These walls in the Badi Palace were once covered in elaborate tile which was looted long ago.
Now storks nest here.

A shabby-chic wall in the Bahia Palace.

And last of all a little bird on our roof.
The spa nearby used lots and lots of towels.
you can see them drying in the distance.


My Castle in Spain said...

oh...such a cute little bird and I love the towels drying on the roof...

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Superb photos...I wish I was there right now....Enjoy the sunshine!

Annie said...

Lovely photos as always. Those are the same colors of buildings here
in New Mexico where I live.

Sara said...

After reading Paz's New York blog earlier, I just have to ask: is that a robin? ;D

Walls are just as amazing as doors and windows, at least they are in Morroco.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The pink walls and palm tree gave me flashbacks to my hometown in San Diego...sigh. The world seems to have echos everywhere.

Ming the Merciless said...

Awesome photos. I love the colors too.

The Badi Palace still has tiles on the floor. I guess not everything was looted.

Sally Crawford from London said...

The new heading: nice interior shot with cat!

And the colours are very welcome in London which is a little grey at present (not that there's anything wrong with grey) - but cold with it (brrrr).

this is my patch said...

Beautiful walls, and you have certained capture colour and texture here. x

rochambeau said...

It's great that you walk. All beautiful photos that might not have happened if you weren't walking. Too the birdie photo is great.

Paz said...

How interesting about the storks and the palace. They've got good taste. ;-)

LOL! Sara, too funny! Yeah, "Is that a robin?" Hehehe!


Becky said...

Your blog is so interesting and colorful. I'm glad i chanced upon it.

ed said...

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