Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life in Derb Djedid

Derb Djedid (New Lane) is in a very old part of the city. It joins derb Dabachi with Douar Grouar. It runs mostly N/S but has lots of subsidiary lanes off it.
At either end of the derb men sit selling cigarettes.
I bet they can tell exactly who lives here and if they are at home or not!
The lanes are very narrow indeed - only room for a small donkey or hand cart.
Mopeds ( of course) and people on foot.

This is the little shop - closed up for the afternoon. It will re-open about 5 and stay open late.

Our next door neighbor children.
The boy comes and rings our bell pretty often about this that and the other. When he was having his photo taken he was very insistent that no other children got into it.
His sister is thrilled with the kittens.

The derb looks more lively here. All the local women wear traditional dress. Going out into the street, after the quiet of the house, is often a surprise.

Looking up the little side derb from outside our front door.
The two little boys are going home for lunch.

Looking south - a family heading home.


Frances said...

Hello Elizabeth,

It's grand to see more of your excellent photos. I love the vertical slivers of the lanes, and those stripes of all types in the prior blog.


willow said...

Wonderful photos! Do you ever feel claustrophobic in that narrow lane? I think I might, but the beauty might distract me.

Willow said...

What an amazing slice of your exotic life! To step from your quiet light filled courtyard through the cool rooms and into the noise of the crowded 'gang' (the Indonesian word for side street) every day would be exciting--what will happen out here today? Is the neighborhood safe? (I always think of that question ever since I lived in south central LA and worked in Watts.)

Elizabeth said...

Dear Willows and Frances!
Actually the derb feels very safe since everyone knows everyone else.
They certainly know me - the slightly eccentric English lady.
I'm sure they know pretty much everything we do.
Yes, the lanes are narrow - for a breath of fresh air you go up to the roof and look out over towards the mountains.
As someone said, they even say for example, "Oh , look Ali is carrying two chickens. I bet he must be going to visit for a while....."
Good thing we don't have any secrets.......

DeeDee said...

Hi Elizabeth...Thank you for your sweet visit...I can only imagine visiting in such an interesting and mysterious place.... I do so love your photos...I should imagine a photographers, as well as a writer's paradise....

see you there! said...

Life in the derb seems so full of color. I looked back through some of the archives and will definately be back to see what other magical things you find to show us.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be back!


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I love the pink washed walls...all of Marrakesh seems to have a pinky sort of glow about it...those kids are so cute....I love these glimpses into your life and neighborhood...

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi neighbour!
It's so great to come on your blog and be transported to the medina.
The atmosphere is so special.

and ...great photos !
Enjoy it all

ps: sniff...I still don't know when i come to Morocco and thank you so much for your kind message.

Paz said...

Cute kids.


Marja said...

Oh what a beautiful photo's and lovely children. The streets are extremely small. Probably not for traffic. ( Oh and Silvia really loved meeting up with you, thanks)

christine mercer-vernon said...

i didn't realize how narrow the space was between the buildings. i would get so lost wandering around. i really noticed how clean everything looked. no litter along the edges. your neighbor children are adorable.

ed said...


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Tim Young said...

love the photography, looks a beautiful place

Melisa said...

Hi Elizabeth,

This one post amazes me with the beautiful photos and an insight to another interesting culture.