Thursday, February 14, 2008


Of course, Marrakech is famous for its cats. But someone asked me in a comment the other day if there were any dogs. Well, there are dogs, but they don't rule like the cats do. This one who lives in Essouira looks as if he is getting the cats' left overs.

This one, who lives 8 km from Essouira looks as if he is related in some way to the one above. He's waiting to see if the butcher will drop anything interesting.

This plump young lady was catching some rays on rue riad Zitoune Djedid.

This is one of my favorite dogs and if I had a garden or anywhere with grass, I'd adopt her immediately. She lives on a street in Gueliz in her cardboard box and is obviously fed by someone -or various people. I have seen her often.

She has such a sweet face and disposition - but a little bit sad. Moroccan dogs are often like this - a little bit fearful and a little bit hopeful at the same time.

You can see the cat is first in line at the butcher's shop shown above. Another dog knows his place and waits at the side by the motor cycle.

You notice not one of these Moroccan dogs are on leashes - most just wander about. But French tourists sometimes bring their little dogs on vacation and they have leashes.
In this last picture - a memory from last summer - Maryam and Chris' dog Rocky is having a wonderful time retrieving a stick from the Atlantic - he is a Retreiver after all. He will continue until the thrower of the stick's arm almost falls off.


My Castle in Spain said...

How I miss Essaouira!

It's true we don't see so many dogs though...

I like this little touch of pink - the cupboard in the 3rd photo, and the mopeds and the blue sign..

so laid back...

I really enjoy your photos
Enjoy the hours


Sara said...

The cat who is first in line at the butcher shop - I love that photo.

It is sad about that dog who lives in her cardboard box...I'm glad she gets fed.

Willow said...

The photos of the dogs reminded me of dogs in Indonesia. Moroccan dogs are better treated and better fed than their Indonesian fellows. I love it that the cat is first in line at the butcher shop!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I simply can't show Rocky the last picture. He will start begging me to install an ocean in the back yard instead of a pool. Hmmm...problematic.

PS Have been shopping up a storm. Wish you were here so that I could share plans, purchases, and designs.

ObsessionMaroc said...

Have you never noticed how all the dogs in Essaouria look alike? Apparently they are all the descendants of one dog that Europeans brought to Essaouira in the 1960s (don't know if that's true, of course, but a friend in Essaouira told me the story!)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, all the dogs in Essouira tend to have short legs.......and wander round town in little gangs.
I am a complete dog nut - though our Skippy died at 16 2 years ago and we currently really miss having one. However, the medina of Marrakech is not reaally dog friendly. So will have to enjoy the cats.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for sharing the dog pictures. Are those safron stained bones in the first picture? Those look pretty tasty I must say.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Black dog with eyebrows looks so like my Bella!

Paz said...

I'm happy to see these dog photos.