Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Long and Dull Journey

Derb Dabachi as you have never seen it before.
It is utterly deserted at 4am. with all the shops shuttered and all the cats hiding.
We had to get up at 3:30 am to get to the airport to catch the 6:15 flight to Casablanca.

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Luckily Mohammed Taxi arrived very promptly so Robert didn't have to wander around looking mysterious any more.
The flight to Casablanca only takes about 20 minutes.

However, the layover at Casablanca is four hours before the flight to New York - there are no direct flights. you always have to go either through France, Spain, London - or somewhere.
I hate flying. I hate airports. We eat candy. We chat to the girls who run the snack bar. We cruise the gift shop.
I take a photo of the plane.

I take a photo in the little tiny smoking lounge. (Don't ask).
We snag internet access by sitting directly outside the First Class Lounge.

The flight is uneventful - the only thing one wants really.
Needless to say, we look forward to the food. Luckily Robert doesn't like smoked salmon, so I eat his bit.
The tea is all wishy washy - I have two cups and long for more.
The luggage takes for ever to arrive at JFK.
We eventually get to the apartment at 6pm US time - 11pm Morocco time so the journey has taken almost 20 hours.
I'm continuing the Morocco blog while we're away with images I've stored up.
But, having got the blogging bug, I'm doing a New York one too.


Amera said...

Have a good time in New York! How soon will you be back in Morocco? glad to hear you have images stored up - I've found your blog a daily staple now!

Sara said...

Ah yes, travel can be such a pain! Glad you arrived safely and even managed to do some blogging. I'll be checking out that New York one later...enjoy your time in the Big Apple.

Elizabeth said...

We are now less jet-lagged.
I really, really, really hate traveling. But I like discovering new places.
What we need is to be "beamed" to places like in Star Trek....
Yes, we're really loving our visit to NY.

weirdbunny said...

Oh great New York, I'll go see. Your such an international flyer !

Willow said...

Enjoy your visit in New York!

I'm not much of a flyer either. Lots of careful breathing, interesting book and knitting distractions help maintain my calm.

Mary said...

How about a blog post with some photos of your New York apartment, and neighborhood there?

Mary in Marrakesh

ObsessionMaroc said...

Oh, the deserted street looks all too familiar to me : the plane to Milan is at 7.00 am so I've often seen that!
I LOVE travelling - every time I get off a plane I just can't wait to get back on one (to go away again, not to come back!).
This month is busy: last week I went to Rome, there and back the same day, then last weekend I went to Poland for 3 days and next weekend I am going to Paris.... and in April Marrakech - hope to see you!

Elizabeth said...

Mary: I am doing a little blog about being in NY.
Maryam did the Feng Shui workshop in her blog yesterday.
Joan: You sound to be rushing about!Hope we can meet in April in Marrakesh?
Everyone: Happy, peaceful Sunday.

High Desert Diva said...

"to catch the flight to Casablanca"

I know it must be common for you to do so...but just the words sound so exotic to this West Coast girl

Anonymous said...

Great photos!