Sunday, February 17, 2008


R. said to take a picture of the bicycle attached to the no bicycles sign. I wondered why.
It's absolutely no good doing pictures/stories/ paintings based on what others think is a good idea.

We end up walking to the mellah market almost every day - a lot of walking in Marrakech. Very good for the health.
However, the chicken, rather than the flower and veggie, part of the market is very smelly. R. waits outside while I rush in.
I like seeing the rabbits and chickens. The fish is straight from Essouira.

The light fell in rather an interesting way on some shuttered cages.
This is natural light from above - not some fancy light set up.

The paintings are wonderful.
I don't think I have shown this one before.
Some friends of ours wanted to buy one of these paintings to hang in their riad.
A deal was made via one of the flower sellers.
A price was agreed upon. The painter made a new sign for the chicken seller.

The chicken seller didn't like the new sign.......or the one after that.
In the end it all came to nothing.
This is rather a bold sign. The rabbit looks a bit crazy.

I prefer pictures of chickens wandering about pecking in the dirt.


Jennifer said...

I love that crazy looking lapin!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I think the bike photo is a funny one :-)

rochambeau said...

Dear Friend,
The first photo! That is the kind of stuff I live for. That photo is worth many smiles and smirks to come the next few days.

Chicken are such beautiful creatures, mind you I'm not smelling them here in Bloglandia. Thanks for stopping by Rochambeau!


Amera said...

Oh man the chickens brought back the memory of my first trip to buy chickens for dinner with my husband, and me almost fainting after discovering just how my chicken would come to meet it's maker.... I think this time my stomach will be a little better prepared!

M.KATE said...

i like the rabbit, reminds me of mine @ home :)

Tracy said...

Such fantastic photos, Elizabeth! Funny too! Happy week ((HUGS))

Frank Gardner said...

I really like the market signs that you photograph. The story of the guy who did not like the new ones is great. I thought that you were going to say that he went and asked for the old one back.

Prêt à Voyager said...

Love the sign. I'm a sucker for anything in French!


Mélanie said...

I love your pictures ...and I have to add that I love the mellah, specially the one of Fes.
These old jewish " ghetto" have such a soul