Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Great Cat Food Shortage of '08 and Problems with Clocks

We were up in Gueliz doing errands - searching for cat food and an alarm clock that could be relied upon..
Most Moroccans feed their cats scraps and they seem to do fine. Our pampered beasts have acquired a taste for Whiskas but the supply seems to have run out.
It is not to be had anywhere. Not at Marjane or Acima ( the supermarkets outside the medina). People are emailing and telephoning each other in search of Whiskas sightings. Things often run out here - mustard, for example, and no one is quite sure when they will reappear.
You just have to buy a lot of something if you like it because you never know.......
So, the cats will have to get used to bit of left over chicken - with the bones removed.

These next two pictures have nothing to do with anything particularly, except it's odd to see European snow scenes in Morocco.

I think these were done some time ago. They look a little sad and tired.
We liked the sign for the "Expert" below.

Gueliz is full of quirky things ........but it was not full of alarm clocks. The first shop we asked had one shaped like a football.
Then we found and bought a digital one at the stationary store that we can't work out how to set. (It woke me up at 1:30 am).
Perhaps the "Expert" would know where to find another alarm clock since none were to be had at the supermarket.

Eventually, we found a small, old, clock shop. The one Robert liked best was center top shelf. Halloween colors black and orange. However, when the batteries were put in, it didn't work. Neither did its red and yellow twin - both made in China, I think. So we had to settle for a tame little blue one. The shop owned returned the orange and black clock to the window.
There were lots of old watches in cases and antique cuckoo clocks on the walls.
The reason we bought two alarm clocks is we have to get up at 4:30 am to go on a trip soon and we can't trust the batteries or the clocks. I haven't the least idea if you can get a wake-up call from Maroc Telecom - you probably can but I'm not sure how to ask for it..
Ismail, who has a cell phone, will have to be relied upon in the end.


Miss Maddie's said...

This place you call home sounds delightful and challenging.
I'm sure the kitties will not mind eating chicken and maybe you can add a little fish.I cook for my dog and cats after we had that big recall in North America 2 years ago.
The colours are so rich and vibrant in the photos you show.It is a nice change from the cold, grey days of February that are here right now!

Jennifer said...

I love that "expert" sign! Expert in what, I wonder?

MadameMonet said...

I have been wondering for weeks about this cat food shortage, and have even considered writing about it myself!

Madame Monet
Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

Elizabeth said...

Great story, especially when the broken alarm clock got put back in the window (... well I guess you never know, it might fix itself, or someone who can fix it might wish to buy it?)
Who is Ismail-with-the-cell-phone please? (the same man who stops the dustbin men from taking advantage too, if I remember?)

Elizabeth said...

Expert in what I wonder? Life?
(Do you need emergency food parcels yet??? ;-))

The Ginger Darlings said...

I think that perhaps my cats would rather have chicken than whiskas cat food, but the poor loves just get the packets, and the odd wriggling mouse ( that they have to catch themselves)
Looks wonderful where you are.
with love from Jackie and the gingercats

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Elizabeth! It's true, I've noticed cats are not very fat in Marrakech...I wonder how you manage with the shopping, living in the medina. I was pretty sure you knew the Café du Livre! :-)

ps: thank you very much for your comment. It brings another ray of sunshine to the day. And yes of course you can add my blog to your list! I would be delighted !Actually, I still haven't done one and have to figure out how to do this bit it will come. At the moment I have your blog in my bookmarks :-)

Elizabeth said...

Ismail is our 'guardien' a super young man who looks after the house when we are away.
He has to deal with the cats and the plants.
The cats survive - last year it was Mimi and 5 kittens.
The plants are another story altogether...........

Frank Gardner said...

I think that I will have to get one of those "expert" signs to hang outside of my gallery.
I loved seeing the windows in your previous post.

Willow said...

Soon you will be sending pleas to all your readers around the world: "Send Whiskas!" and we will post you little care packages for your kitties!

The alarm clock story sounds just like Indonesia--hope springs eternal in the shopkeeper's soul.

Merisi said...

You may have to become a "Whiskas in Marrakesh Expert"! :-)
I can understand that you want to have food ready to go for your caretaker. When you are there, I am sure the cats would delight in fresh homemade food. A friend of mine, who's an expert on dogs (there we go!), insists that it would be much healthier feeding them table scraps.

weirdbunny said...

Fancy the clock shop owner, putting the orange clock back in the window for resale !

ed said...

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