Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Looking Glass

People tend to be kind to the cats and often put down food for them. Good pickings today in the metal workers' square.

The fish bones here almost look like cartoon ones - if you can see them clearly enough.

DSCN1758, originally uploaded by schmidwix2.

In the square of the metal workers, where they cut glass to suit - and where all the bits of glass for above the doorways came from -my attention was caught by this large mirror with palm tree motifs.

There are always lots of kittens here - as well as lots of bits of metal and slivers of glass. I worry that the kittens will cut their paws but somehow they don't seem to.


Stephanie said...

Thank you for the visit and for leading me to you site. I love all things Moroccan, the colors and patterns!

The image of the reflection in the mirror is wonderful.

Joanna said...

That looks great pickings for the cats, did you find whiskers for your cats. I would worry they would cut there paws too. I have been trying hard not to be distracted nd get on with my party painting which is nearly finished, I would be honoured to be put on you blog roll and I would love to out you on mine.

Lane said...

The photos are quite wonderful.

(and the 'cartoon' fish bones made me smile:-)

Mari said...

The last one is wonderful! So much to look and seek.

Willow said...

What a wonderful place that plaza must be for observing. Cats and kittens, metal and glass--all of them in all colors.

Paz said...

Lucky cats!


Frank Gardner said...

It is funny how cats can walk on glass. We have broken glass along the top of the outside wall of our house. The cats just walk right along the top without getting cat at all.

Emma said...

those medina cats they are tough. The best are the ones in the souk de tapis they know a comfortable life.