Friday, February 1, 2008

Growing Things

Altogether too many people wandering around in yesterday's pictures.
This house is at the garden center about three miles outside town where there were birds singing, dogs wandering about and egrets perched in the trees.

We were helped by a most knowledgeable Berber lady who gave me the roses seen in the last picture. Although I used to be a keen gardener when we lived on Long Island, there were many plants here I was unfamiliar with. But we only have a roof terrace here otherwise I would have bought lots of things.
It's funny how one can find money somewhere for books and plants.

The table in the courtyard is always covered with things - sometimes forming themselves into inadvertent still-lives.
Whenever I try to make an arrangement it always looks wrong somehow.


Tracy said...

Your arrangement is wonderful, so charming! Those tight rose buds and small irises are all lovely together. Love the sight of those cheerful daisies...Oh, I miss flowers during winter. I may have to indulge in some cut flowers from the florist soon! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

Elizabeth said...

Tracy: Yes, the flowers are wonderful and always lift one's spirits.
Even one or two tiny ones.
But there is something magic about the first tiny snowdrops in a cold place.........

Kate and Roger Skophammer said...

My parents are having a great time. They seem to be happy in their life. Have a great trip to NY. I am jealous. Roger has never been so I hope to take him sometime, when we can afford the cost and the time.

Love you

Jennifer said...

"It's funny how one can find money somewhere for books and plants."

Oh, how so true! :-)

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi neighbor! Thank you very much for your lovely comment.
So you too like pastries from Adamo..they are so delicious. Do you also go to the Café du Livre which is just above ?

Was glad to see that you like this movie "The life of the others". Saw it may be 5 times..
So long and enjoy !
Lala Ema

Willow said...

AT first I thought your still life photo was a painting. It is not wrong at all--it's perfectly all right!

Books, flowers, and YARN!

Sara said...

That last shot is beautiful. I love the irises and roses, and those tangerines look so wonderful, I can taste them!

weirdbunny said...

So hard to imagine roses growing abroad, they just seem so English don't they ?

Barrie said...

Stopped by to see what you were up to in Marrakesh. Love flower photos. :)

Paz said...

I love the arrangement and the series of photos in this post.