Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Studio

IMG_0154.JPG, originally uploaded by schmidwix2.

Robert has his studio on the second floor.
The drawing on the back wall is a collage of different people he saw walking through Djemma El Fna.
Our painted doors do not rival the ones at the Bahia Palace...........
The plant outside his room isn't looking too happy.


Anonymous said...

I like the studio and the plant. Love the colors. Warm and inviting. It would encourage me to work, if I were in that studio. ;-)


Paul Pincus said...


I love the work on the wall...and the doors are beautiful.


rochambeau said...

What a fabulous collage and Roberts studio is great too.

Are you coming to New York Elizabeth? If so I would love to meet you. Someday I will come to Marrakesh. It is on my lifetime to do list!!

Have a great weekend,

Elizabeth said...

I must say Morocco is pretty conducive to getting work done.
My own study/studio opens onto the courtyard and doesn't get such good light - more like a cave really.
Another thing that helps get work done is we don't have a TV - something that's fun in New York.
Paul: These look very wonderful dogs.

Elizabeth said...

Constance: I'm in NY right now.
Contact me through e-mail.

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic studio - so light and airy. I hope your cave is equally lovely in its own way?
I like the drawing (?) that R has done - is he a professional painter? illustrator?
Also like the detail on the doors!

You are in New York? - How I long for such a travelling existence. How does one achieve it...?

With much envy, in the nicest way of course.

Lovely to catch up with your blog, always a great pleasure.

Willow said...

The studio looks like a creative place, a great spot to BE creative.

Love the doors!

Barrie said...

More and more, I'm feeling that I live in a boring house...

Love the doors and wall!

Anonymous said...
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