Saturday, February 9, 2008

Need a Plumber?

Need a Plumber?, originally uploaded by schmidwix2.

If you walk down derb Dabachi in the other direction from the main square, you come to a rather quieter part of town that has only recently seen paved.
It's where I found the picture of the paint shop the other day.
There is a charcoal seller, a wedding dress shop, several teleboutiques ...............and this plumber showing you what he can do for you.
It's hard to see if he has written "plombier" or "blombier" - but both would make sense. There is no real "B" in Arabic - so the police can be bolice, and pastilla (the super multi layered chicken/pigeon/ nut delight) can also be said "Bastilla".
This is quite a traditional display which predates the necessity of having to read.

ps. Our talented daughter has posted some new super photos of our roof terrace etc. Makes the place look artistic........


Paz said...

Well... The plumber is important. ;-)

You're right. Your daughter is very talented. Loved her photos.


Frank Gardner said...

He looks very skilled. The display probably help in case you can't understand what a blomber is.
Here the v and b are interchanged a lot.
I love all of the little shops. There are a lot of them here in Mexico too Elizabeth. It seems like everyone has a little something that they sell, sometimes in wierd cominations.
Your stories remind me of a guy with a small Mom and Pop grocery store here a while back. Dr. Pepper was not easy to come by a few years ago, but a few people carried it and this guy was one. After a few months he stopped stocking it. When asked why he said that it was too much work to carry it because he kept running out.
P.S. Your daughter has a great eye for photography.

Sara said...

That is certainly a very creative and ingenious plumbing/blumbing display!

I knew that about Arabic; it's interesting how languages are different...this always fascinates me. Peach can be beach and vise-versa!

In Hebrew the word that is pronounced "me" means who, "who" is he, an "he" is she, and "rock" means soft. Endlessly interesting...

Rima said...

This is fabulous :) A wonderful creative display of pipery :) Yes I agree ..comparisons of languages are endlessly interesting ..
You writing about the goings on in Marrakesh is great...
All the best from chilly grey Scotland :) Rima

My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Elizabeth! Eh oui...les joies de la plomberie...(plombier) but with such colorful equipment it can be but fun !

ps: as always, it's lovely to hear from you. :-)


Willow said...

Will he paint your pipes too?

In parts of Papua, Indonesia, t and s are interchangeable. My househelper came in one day, claiming to be sore from a satanus (Satan) shot, when she really meant a tetanus shot!

beth said...

Just found your blog. Love it !!

M.KATE said...

at a very quick glance, looked like bomber to me, anyway he's real creative and got hold of everyone's attention :)