Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Kings

Many shops and cafes have pictures of the current king and some have ones of his father and grandfather.
This one is Mohammed V after whom the main road up to Gueliz is named.
This retro picture hangs in a little cafe in the Spice Market.

When having supper at Dar Mimoun ( "Lucky House" -the name a bit like a Chinese restaurant) a rather bizzarely decorated restaurant on rue Riad Zitoune Lakadim, we saw a picture of.............George V.


PG said...

Hello! I didn't realise Morocco even had a king (which is terribly ignorant of me) - just had a look at Rima's site, it works fine for me and her pics are sized down, so not sure what's gone wrong, but will let her know - have a lovely time where you are! :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks - probably my computer misbehaving......!
There have been three kings since independence form the French
Mohammed V
Hassan II
Mohammed VI
The current king is quite young and has two lovely little children.
The little boy is Moulay Hassan
the little girl, Lalla Khaijha.

Willow said...

I learn so much from my blog friends! Of course, I'm curious why George V is featured, but at least it's not Henry VIII or George III!

A question: do only the sons inherit the throne? We've been watching a History of Britain and just saw the section on Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth said...

Willow: I must say George V was a slight surprise.....I asked the people there whether it was him or Tsar Nicholas and she assured me he was English.
Who know why he ended up there......

Paz said...

Nice photos of the Kings.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

The reason men inherit the throne in Morocco is simple: There is no provision, constitutional or otherwise, for women to become the monarch.