Thursday, January 31, 2008

Near the Bus Stop

Not everyone has a moped in Marrakech - though it sometimes seems as if they do.
Here two ladies help their elderly friend towards the crossing in the road which leads to the place where the ALSA buses go from.
Negotiating the wild traffic is an art in itself. You just have to wait for a little break in the stream of cars, buses, coaches, mopeds, motorcycles, donkey carts and caleches, Then you have to find someone - preferably a large someone or several large someones - to cross with and then march straight across without hesitating. If you dither you are done for. Closing you eyes and praying helps...........

These next two shots are of the road near the old post office which is in the south west corner of the square. Here people walk...................

or sit on the low walls which surround a shady park full of old trees.
Whoever is in charge of such things has decided to pave the park which will be neater but less fun than having a garden.
Notice the man with the pointy hood in both pictures.

Here a man wheels his bicycle towards the bus stop - though I don't suppose he is going to take the bus himself.
You can see a young man with a tray of pastries for sale and a man waiting to shine your shoes.
Also a man in a wheel chair with his small daughter.

Yesterday I wasn't actually waiting for the bus - though I take it almost every day -but standing in the divider between the small park and the Kotubia waiting for a friend to drive me to a garden center.
These two friends were taking in the afternoon sunshine quite oblivious of all the swirling traffic going by - you can just see the wheels of a caleche.
This is post number 100.
It seems only yesterday that I began this blog..............


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have wandered over from your posts on Eric Orchard's blog several times. Thanks for sharing your part of the world. It looks as beautiful as
I have always imagined. Many things are very similar here in Mexico.

Peter Casier said...

Hi Elisabeth,

I just arrived on your blog... You have lovely pictures. Shows the atmosphere nicely.. :-)

Peter in Rome

Willow said...

Very interesting walk to the bus stop I love the idea that you show so well here that this is where people LIVE, people in wheelchairs, the old and young.

Sara said...

I loved seeing all the people,what they wear, what they do, and even the traffic too. So different from downtown Long Beach!

M.KATE said...

...reading all these blogs about Marrakesh and suddenly I really want to go there, tks for sharing :)

Paz said...

I remember trying to cross the street in Cairo. The traffic was scary. An elderly man felt sorry for me and came to help me cross the street. ;-)

I love the photos of all the people.

Congrats on your 100th post! Yay!


Ershad said...

You have a huge blog post. As compared to you I am nothing.In one of my blog I wrote about Cox's Bazar which is kind of Morroco, I guess. If you visit there you might like it.It is very cheap there. Thanks