Tuesday, January 1, 2008

An Afternoon Walk to the Mellah

Two storks enjoying the late afternoon sun near the Bahdi Palace.

Some rather splendid New Year's cakes - very enthusiastically decorated. For the past two days everyone has been walking round with cake boxes


tlc illustration said...

Happy happy New Year! (Yum! to all those cakes) Best wishes for 2008.

schmid said...

Wow great new digs. The pictures are looking good. I read about the storks. The ones I read about used the eastern flyway to eastern Africa. They must be a lesser species compared to your western flyway storks.

The Paris Apartment said...

Happy New Year! What a great start, such a beautiful place, colorful and exotic! Thanks for taking us along on your yummy travels, looking forward to your new blog.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Claudia
I think I'm getting better with the digital camera.
So much to see here - some of it so beautiful and sometimes rather sad things.
Glad you are enjoying the blog

weirdbunny said...

wow, look at those cakes. Marroco looks like a wonderful place to live. I guess all those clean up gentlemen realise an english lady doesn't like to refuse a tip! ~ love Julia x