Monday, January 28, 2008


Since this blog's title is "The House in Marrakesh", I had better start to describe it a little bit.
This picture was taken in the sitting room where all sorts of things like my shopping basket end up. It is a very useful basket with bright red leather handles which don't cut into your hands like plastic bags do. Also I can refuse the endless plastic bags which litter the place.

Here you look into the sitting room from the courtyard. The sitting room has absolutely no windows - except the lights above the door. These were yellow with a raised design in, but I went up to the glass cutters by the mellah and had them cut plain glass. I put them in myself.

Here you are looking into the hall from the courtyard. We like the wild Ali Baba design of the arch. The house is meant to be 500 years old - but who knows when this detail arrived.
The mirror frame is made of camel bone.

All the chairs in the house were made in a woodshop on derb Dabachi between here and the square. Dining chairs with woven seats and arm chairs with swivel backs cost the same amount - 150 dh - which is about $18 UD dollars or 9 English pounds.
This seems like a bargain to me.
The tile table is quite unusual because it is only little bits of tile in similar colors - it is quiet and doesn't shout at you - so you can enjoy your food peacefully. This was also made for us when we first came here. Robert drew a picture of what he wanted and.........voila!

This is a close up of my handiwork with the glass. The red is wonderful. It doesn't really matter that it doesn't fit exactly because when you have the gas fire on in the winter you need to have a little ventilation.............


Britt-Arnhild said...

A perfect Arabian 1001 night house. I want to see more please :-)

Elizabeth said...

You will!
If friends arrive at night, we put little tea lights and candles around and it can look very pretty.
Thanks for visitng!

Mari said...

More, please! I like those shapes at the floor (sitting room). Show me more details!

Willow said...

What lovely tales one could tell about walking beneath the enchanted archway into the sitting room lit with candles and firelight!

Pear tree cottage! said...

How cooling your lovely Moroccan home is. I am thrilled to be sitting here visiting with you, The colours and textures show in your great photos as being the purfect pieces for living in this beautiful home.

So pleased you came over here to visit me in Australia and hope to see you and visit you lots more....O! and thank you for the sweet comment about my pears photo I took it in my kitchen last year as I had just picked them from our very old pear tree's.

Best wishes to you and your family Lee-ann

Passementerie said...

There are many great things about Morocco. One of the main ones though is the leather-handled, leather-bottomed heavy straw shopping basket (your first picture). I wouldn't be without mine for the world.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I was there when you bought that basket!!!

Chloebelle said...

i love the reflections that every picture brings.More pics please