Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Pied Piper and the Red Chariot

I'm not sure what depends on the red wheelbarrow/chariot ( pronounced sharryoh) except little carts like this are used to haul everything through the narrow lanes. In the back ground you can see a real fancy garbage truck.
How you deal with rubbish here is that you put it outside your door very early in the morning in a plastic bag and it is then picked up by smartly dressed men in blue and yellow uniforms..........that is, unless the cats get there first and rip the bags apart....which is why you don't put the bags out at night. Then the men sweep what's left of the rubbish up with twig brooms.
They ring on the doorbell very early in the morning in case you have more bags to put out and if you haven't any garbage you give them a small tip.
But there are lots of clean-up men and giving them all a tip can start to add up. When Ismail is in charge of the house they don't ring the bell quite so often.

This is a very bad photo of a wonderful person - very tall, very thin, traditionally dressed who walks through the square followed by a retinue of small children - you can tell why


Cream said...

Chariots and donkey-carts, yep!

Bonne Année from the snowy North East of England.

Elizabeth said...

A lovely insight into life in another place... I love differences like this. Quite a contrast to our bin-men and rubbish collection day! I'm glad we don't have to tip ours though, it would cost a fortune.
Envy you your warmth, it is freezing here.

Elizabeth said...

Raining today which is odd.
The Moroccans are thrilled because it's good for the farmers.
Not cold though!