Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Walk Through the Souk

This picture was meant to come up last - as a relief from all the excitement........a peaceful doorway amidst all the color.

I love looking in shop windows, but, since there is so much of everything, after a little while, as if you worked in a candy store, you don't feel the need to buy anything.

But lots and lots of pretty things anyway. Here older metal bowls and teapots - the jewelry Berber in design and a rather lovely old plate.

Near the dyer's souks lots of newly dyed cloths are hung in the sun. It must have been yellow day.

Such a kalaidescope of colors. So many slippers and lamps and boxes and jewels..So many people wanting you to look at their wares. I try to put them off politely in the very little Arabic I have. "No thank you, it's not necessary," in the local dialect. Mostly it works.


PG said...

Good morning from grey, wet and windy Oxfordshire! I would not be safe in that souk, the shop keepers would have a field day with me! Yes please, let us exchange links, that would be lovely. :)

Elizabeth said...

Well, at first it is wonderful and one buys all sorts of pretty things - actually still do once in a while and love taking friends round.
Still tend to pay too much as hopeless at bargaining.
Would you believe I was at the ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art when it was in the Ashmolean Museum - long time ago.
I really love your drawings and paintings.
Have put you on my blog roll.
Best wishes

travelingmama said...

What great pictures! I keep telling myself that I should get down to the medina more- especially when I see pictures like yours!

Paz said...

I am not a shopper, but I'd happily shop at the Souk. What a fun experience and many exciting finds I'd come away with.


Mariajaan said...

Hello! I will travel to Marrakesh in two days and feel very worried about not being able to manage the incessant harassment, in addition I have three children ages 11, 9 and 3. Do you think it is safe to walk the Medina with them? I want to live that cultural environment but I feel unequipped...

Willow said...

I enjoyed sightseeing in the souk. Thanks for the tour.
In Jakarta, Indonesia, there are streets where the merchants gather in groups- all the jewelers and gold merchants in one street, the textiles along another street. In Los Angeles we have districts dedicated to various wares- flower marts, fabric district. Are the souks concentrated in the same ways? I especially loved the dyed cloths. Is wool/yarn dyed and sold, too?
Sorry--so many questions! Your photos pique my curiosity.

katie said...

how amazing to find your blog whilst 'blog-hopping' today - wonderful pictures! a real treat for the eyes!! The recycled things particularly interest me! Lovely!

Rima said...

Wow.. I love this... a fantastic array of nick nacks and colours and corners... and a beautiful door :)