Friday, January 4, 2008


I bought an umbrella from this young man outside Cafe France because, even though we live in the desert, it does rain here - pretty rarely but sometimes.
Of course it rains into the courtyard of the house which is why there are drains on each floor.
Much of my morning was spent sweeping rainwater into the drain in the courtyard. The cats were pretty noisy in the night and wanted to be let down from the roof where they were getting very wet.
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The picture of the cake is left over from New Year's - such a splendid mixture of yummy decorations

When I was walking up rue riad Zitoune Lakadim the sun burst through the clouds and lit up this little tea set.


weirdbunny said...

Oh so the court yard is inside the house, how wonderful. Strange that there is rain in Marroco ! I bet the children in Marroco love it when it rains ? ~ julia

Elizabeth said...

All Moroccans seem to love rain because if there isn't any the farmers suffer horribly.
Only the tourists from England don't like - everyone else sees it as a gift!

Eileen said...

I can see you're having a great time going and taking all these thematic photos, and we're all enjoying them!


Elizabeth said...

Eileen - yes I'm having lots of fun trying to think up different themes.
I'm trying to make a picture of a rather different place than most of us live in - so you can make a little cyber-visit!

Budget Traveller Like Me said...

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