Saturday, January 26, 2008


You will notice a traditional ladder amongst the carpets - and a vine.
A ladder like this is very useful for hanging clothes from - few very old houses in the medina have much storage space - which just goes to show that nowadays most of us have many too many belongings.......

I was tagged for this by passementeries-diary and feel rather honored.
I'm quite new to blogging but have given it some thought - after much trial and error.

A blog should be fresh, personal and vivid.
Keep your entry short - attention spans in cyber space are pretty brief.

Photos, ideally, should be generated by the blogger herself/himself.
As in all writing - write about what you know well.
Your blog should loosely stick to one topic - no good me trying to talk about physics..........
It is courteous as well as fun to try to respond to people who make comments.
As others have noted, there is a lot of kindness amongst bloggers.
I agree with Passementeries when she suggested reading, enjoying and going back to those blogs you enjoy and admire.
When you find blogs you have something in common with, you can echo ideas or themes;
etc etc. and so on
ps. I still have not worked out how to make links...........


Mélanie said...

I love your pictures and the way you are sharing your Morrocco with us

smilnsigh said...

This is a very beautiful photo. Simply lovely, soft, with peach and yellow shades. Well, I 'see' those shades. But color is subjective. It's almost as if each of us, 'sees' colors differently...

I'm glad you liked the idea of being tagged. But be careful what you wish for, as the old saying goes. ,-) There are sooooo many tags out there in Blog Land! They can almost 'sink you.' -sigh-


Elizabeth said...

Oh lovely photos, glorious colours and lots and lots of charm! Delightful... I so LOVE popping over to visit you in Marrakesh. Thank you :-)

Merisi said...

This was such a nice visit with you, and not only because here it is cold and quite stormy.

Elizabeth said...

You are very kind. There is so much to enjoy here and so much to delight the eye.
It's fun sharing the things I enjoy.

SusuPetal said...

I've been loking through these photos, just love the soft and rich colour world!

I've been only once in Marrakech, and that was million years ago, so I really liked to refreshen my dim memories of that red town. Thanks!

Paz said...

I think you've accurately and succinctly described what successful blogging should be about. Nothing more needs to be said. ;-)

Love the photos as usual, especially the top one with the ladder and carpets. That's certainly a sight to behold. ;-)


rochambeau said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your tips! I don't have blogger, so unfortunately I'm unable to assist you with the link thing, but I'm sure their are many out there who would!! Maybe today will be the day you learn!! If you can't find anyone, I know people that will help you. Just let me know.
Have you met Maryam?
Thank you for leaving a comment at Rochambeau! Like your list! I've dreaming mine up now.

rochambeau said...

Nice photo above. SO unlike anything you see around here!!

Passementerie said...

Thank you very much for taking up the tag - your advice is quite right. As always, I love your photos. Oh I miss Marrakech!

Paz said...

Do you need help creating links? Normally, you simply highlight the word you want linked and then you click on a character in your editor screen -- the screen on which you're creating your post -- a new box should open up and allow you to past the URL of the link to which you want to create. You click 'Okay' or something similar and voila! You've created a link! I'll try to go back to blogger and see if I can come up with better instructions.

It really is easy, once you know what you're doing.


A Thing for Roses said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I was tagged too and need to post my blogging tips. Your blog is so beautiful and colorful. My good friend Isabel lived in Morrocco and loved it there. I will have to send her a link to your blog. Have a beautiful day!


Willow said...

You are so right with your blog advice: write what you know about. You also SHOW us with photos, which I enjoy.

I have to chuckle at the electric wires coming out through a hole in the wall. How well I remember that change in old houses in Indonesia.

Yes, of course, I'd be honoured to be on your blog link. You are on mine. :)

Sara said...

Hello Elizabeth, your blog is quite fabulous, I see why you were tagged.

That paint shop photo is wonderful...the way the owners painted their shop so colorfully. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Your blogging advice is great too.

Merisi said...

I learned how to make my own links from this site.

The easiest one is the first gray shaded link sample they show. If you want to use a link that opens a new window, the third link sample works for that (in the blogger comment section only, the simple first one opens a new window too).

Karen Cole said...


For a new blogger, you seem to have a pretty good handle on things. Your words and photos are perfect!

Ahhhhh, I am in LOVE with the colors of Marrakesh. They are my colors, for sure. I must have been there in a previous life.

As far as links go, what kind of computer are you using? I would be better able to help you if I knew.

I came here via Rochambeau. Nice to meet you!

Elizabeth said...

Dear all blogging friends!
How nice to hear from you. Thank you for all your help and good wishes.
I'm about to try a post with links this morning.
Wish me luck.

Elizabeth said...

For those kind people trying to help me make links, I discovered how to do it.
It doesn't work through Safari for me - but I can do it via Firefox.
Beats me.......

paris parfait said...

So true that we accumulate too much stuff. When I lived in the Middle East, I always had furnished apartments and brought very few things with me. Now that we're in one place for awhile - and of course with it being Paris, and full of tempting antiques and art - I have accumulated more than we have room for. So whatever comes in, something else has to go out. Lovely photos!

Jennifer said...

Elizabeth- I love the patterns in the carpets. And your comment about having too much stuff. (We live in a very old house with little closet space-- and have become accustomed to asking-- how much do we really need?? Better to appreciate the wonderful colors, patterns, people & places around you, I think.) How fun it is to see another world through your posts!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I was going to teach you how to make links but a few people have mentioned it already :-)

hugs bug :-)

Maria said...

Lovely photos-

Was wondering if I could ask for some advice?

Thinking about having a small wedding in Marrakech late November->January.

Any suggestions?

ed said...


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