Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

Of course the photos have come out in the reverse order.
Anyway the last two - or first two - are continuing the idea of the wonderful pointy -hooded robe.
A multi-purpose cover up for cold weather - you can roll the hood to suit.
New Year's Eve was pretty festive this year- last year it was a bit subdued since it was Eid el Kabir and most people were home.
This year the streets were full of cake sellers and toy sellers.

A big favorite - on Dec 31st - was a scarlet plastic inflatable Santa - probably made in China.
We had dinner at our friend D's house where there was a roaring log fire, excellent company - including two chefs - and lots to drink.
The menu included smoked salmon, oysters, chicken, kidneys, apple pie and English trifle. Wonderful.
Walking home, to derb Dabachi through the square we tried to avoid drunk people.
We were wished "Bon Anne" by all and sundry.



Elizabeth said...

A Happy, Peaceful New Year to you too, from 'the other Elizabeth' :-)

Thanks for stopping by, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog too. Interesting to read of your Christmas dinner, smuggled into the country. Do you get food parcels - you know essentials like Heinz Baked Beans???

How groovy is the Internet/Blogland, meeting another Elizabeth from the UK!
Just visited Merisi, where she is torturing us with an excess of wonderful Austrian delights.

Elizabeth said...

I'm just about to post some pictures of Moroccan New Year's cakes.
I'm afraid not up to Viennese standards - but pretty wild.
All for sale on derb Dabachi our local shopping street.
No baked beans. My daughter brought us M&S curry sauces and Cornish cruncher cheddar.
The fruit and veggies here are super but one can have too many tagines.........