Thursday, January 24, 2008

More details

An empty pool at the Badhi palace. Very tempting to want it filled up and then to swim in it.

Nearby some tile with moss growing on it - probably because we have had some rain lately......

Nearrby a broom is propped next to a shed and the leaves make nice shadows.

This one is from the Bahia Palace - just because I liked the bright pink.

Other details. The bottled gas for the kitchen stove gave up while I was in the very middle of making supper last night - eggs cracked open - cheese grated etc.
Ismail had his cell phone turned off or on re-charge - he usually wheels a new bottle of gas from the hanut ( little local shop) for us on a very ancient red bicycle ( the derb gas bike which belongs to the hanut)
So we decided to go to an inexpensive place for dinner.
Hamza, Ismail's fifteen year old brother, whom we met in the derb playing games on an I-touch, said he didn't know where Ismail was.
On the way back from dinner we met Ismail's father whom we greeted.
Called Ismail when we got in.
He said he'd be round immediately - it was 9pm. He turned up straight away to say that there was no gas since the people who deliver it to the hanut hadn't turned up yesterday.........
They will arrive this morning............inshallah.
Robert had to have orange juice for breakfast.


Willow said...

The photos are lovely as usual. There is so much tile, and it's all beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Some friends of ours have started a design company here - using traditional techniques with contemporary designs - really super.
But the old tile is quire lovely too.

paris parfait said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Reading your misadventures regarding dinner reminds me of some similar occasions when I lived in Amman and in Cairo. Lovely photos - that tile is wonderful!