Sunday, January 6, 2008

Things Made Out of Other Things

There are lots of uses for old car tires - buckets, mirrors, picture frames and so on. Recycling can be very creative.

Here you can see old tin cans made into watering cans and lanterns. Having been brought up not to wasteful, this is very thrilling to me. As you can see, I have a rather quiet life.


Sara said...

Hello Elizabeth, thank you for stopping by Come Away With Me and leaving a comment. I have enjoyed looking at your photos here...I am always fascinated by other lands and cultures and of course, love the visual aspects of all that. And this second shot on this post is priceless...all those shiny lanterns and other items made from other things. Love the look of the little shop; it reminds me of the market area in the Old City in Jerusalem, the only place I've ever been with this kind of shop.

Willow said...

Hi Elizabeth, I followed Sara here to enjoy your photos. I especialy liked the animals. I lived in Indonesia for many years and was well acquainted with the neighborhood animals--mostly goats and chickens. And the bazaar looked so familiar. Creative recycling is wonderful!

Paz said...

Oh, how I'm enjoying all the photos on this blog. Happy New Year!


Olivia Kroth said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I found here through Paz in New York. I am a writer living in Germany.
Your photos make me homesick for Marrakesh. I visited twice and fell in love with this old city. Your photos are beautiful. They render the atmosphere on the market very well.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you all for your cheery comments - such fun to wake up to.
Morocco is such a delight. Everywhere you turn there is something interesting or unusual to look at.
Have a digital camera has changed my life.
Will be checking in with your blogs to see what's happening.
All best wishes.

PG said...

Oh look at all those wonderful lamps...